Kevin Durant has issued an apology regarding the comments he dropped about India’s knowledge and experiences that he thought does not seem to pair up with other countries. In the Forward’s defense, it was just out of context and that he plans to visit India again soon.

Kevin Durant visited India right before his apology to show his skills and play among some of his fans as well as NBA fans for three days. The visit sparked so many young and aspiring players interests that most of them attended the drills with smiles and dedication written all over their faces.

The experience must have caused their adrenaline to control their body just so they can go head to head with other players.

Kevin Durant plays with boys in India

The whole gathering resulted to a Guinness World Record event when 3,459 young basketball enthusiasts, girls, and boys, participated in the occasion both in and out of the NBA Academy.

Right after that, the Golden State Warrior Forward went on to tour around the best places in India to witness its great buildings and structures including the culture that lives in every corner of the country.

When asked about his experience in India, the NBA player seemed to be very surprised about its culture, palaces, and gold. He was watching other people living roughly yet with it, he can see so many basketball enthusiasts aside from him and the people he usually practices with.

He also compared his experiences when he was a kid and how it was related to the freedom when everyone can just get close to Taj Mahal anytime without much restrictions for a place that is considered important (Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World).

Durant receives criticisms

But when he came back to the US, criticisms did not end where it should have, his contract with the Warriors revealed that he will only receive $25 Million per year, which is quite low compared to other top players that can make par up with his caliber.

But this was something that Durant has control over.

Turns out, it was a choice that he made saying, “I wanted to keep the team together, and I thought it was going to help the ownership bring all the guys back.” Hopefully, everything will turn out well for Durant in the end.

The 2017-18 regular season will begin on October 17 with the Golden State Warriors headlining two prominent events of the season. Kevin Durant will return to his team after claiming the 2017 NBA finals MVP award.