Maci Bookout is currently busy taking care of her business, "Things That Matter," and raising three children with her husband, Taylor McKinney. One can imagine she's super busy as she's also filming the newest season of "Teen Mom OG." But like so many other people, this reality star has been following the news and she knows that there's a major hurricane happening in Texas. Many celebrities have tried to rally up support and get donations from fans to help people in need. This "Teen Mom OG" star is also stepping up her donation game, as she wants people to donate.

But rather than ask people for money, Maci simply retweeted a tweet that had a very interesting approach.

According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout retweeted Brielle Biermann's tweet about sending support to Harvey victims. In the tweet, Brielle revealed that people should be donating money to help the hurricane victims, especially if they had spent money watching the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor earlier this week. It is an interesting approach, but it is true; $10 for hurricane support is minor if people have spent $100 on a fight.

Points to spending

Maci Bookout hasn't revealed whether she herself has donated money to the charity, but one can imagine she has sent money via text message before sharing the tweet with her fans.

Of course, it is an interesting dilemma, as many people spent $100 on ordering the fight of the summer. However, it seems that people can easily justify why they should not spend $10 on the Harvey relief.

Many people have tried to talk about what Harvey means in their lives, but since none of the "Teen Mom" stars are in Texas it may not be on their radars.

For example, Jenelle Evans is planning a wedding as she's getting married in a few weeks and Kailyn Lowry is still trying to figure out a name for her baby.

Business could give back

Of course, Maci Bookout could use "Things That Matter" as a way of giving back to the people of Texas. For a limited time, she could use the proceeds from sales to support the Harvey victims.

This could also help boost sales as people may want to help out but get something back. One can imagine that Bookout could really change people's lives if she chose to give back via her sales from her business.

What do you think of Maci Bookout's retweet, where she points the attention to people's decision to spend $100 on the major fight but can't spend $10 on hurricane relief?