There was a time when almost everyone was playing, "Candy Crush Saga," also known as "Candy Crush." Well, here are some fun updates about this sweet and very addictive candy game that many, even if there are other new ones available, still can't seem to stop playing.

It was successfully launched by King Digital Entertainment back in April 2012 and arrived to mobile devices in November of the same year. Did you know that it was downloaded over 10 million times?

'Candy Crush' 101 for the uninitiated

In case you haven't played or heard about it, here's the lowdown:

The player joins Tiffi, a little girl, and and Mr.

Toffee, in a epic journey filled with delicious treats in what King calls the "sweetest game ever."

Players match and strategize with clearing candies to be able to advance in the game's multiple (an understatement), it has thousands of a mixture of easy and very challenging -- with beat the clock episodes as well.

Facebook has since launched other games, like "EverWing." That's another story.

People are still playing 'Candy Crush'

The downloads made "Candy Crush" rise to the top as the game most played online. Last year, almost 200 billion rounds were played.

Yes, many people still play the game. It can also be seen upon opening the app, the game flashes messages like "50,000,000 candy fans can be wrong", "Everyone's game," "Millions of players everyday," and "#1 Candy game," among others.

Other 'Candy Crush' news

Blasting News recently reported that "Candy Crush" will be hitting the small screen as a reality game show, hosted by Mario Lopez. This is in partnership with game creator, King, that promises action-packed TV for all of its fans. Catch it at 9pm on CBS every Sunday.

Also, "Candy Crush" was part of a video game art gallery exhibition in Chicago, by a non-profit organization called the Video Game Art Gallery.

For those who want to visit, the gallery is open twice a week, from 5 pm to 8 pm on Wednesdays and from midday to 5 pm on Sundays.

Candy equals Halloween Trick Or Treat

Now, the game's Twitter page currently has 171K followers and "Candy Crush" has Halloween treats for its players. Complete special levels for spook-tacular prizes, and get to dress up with Tiffi for rewards!

Whether you have been on the game since its Facebook platform days or a new "convert," who can't seem to stop playing the mobile game (even if there are stages that are really hard to finish) -- there is something for you from "Candy Crush."