Tonight is finale night for ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Rachel Lindsay will choose either Eric, Peter or Bryan to be her fiance. It has been a long, tough journey for her, but tonight it will all come to an end. We will also hear Rachel give a play by play during the live show with Chris Harrison.

The final fantasy dates

When we left Rachel two weeks ago, she was on her date with Peter and trying to figure out where they stood on things. Tonight, the doubt continues, and she wonders if he is even ready to settle down. However, she takes him to the Fantasy Suites, and they spend the night and next morning together.

Her date with Bryan seems surprisingly tense as well. She still seems as if she is still hung up on what happened with Peter and very confused. However, he also gets a fantasy suite date, and they wake up together the next morning, eating strawberries and kissing.

Rose Ceremony

It is a difficult rose ceremony for Rachel, who is left even more confused than ever. It seems as if she wants to let Peter go, but at the end of the day, it is Eric who is sent home.

He is especially heartbroken because this was the first time he ever told a girl he loved her. He tells her she has two amazing men left, but it is obvious that is is still hurt. He reiterates this during his reunion with Rachel (at the live show), and she tells him she is sure he will find love.

The last ever date

Rachel takes Peter and Bryan on their final dates before she makes her final decision. While we don’t see much of her date with Bryan, we see plenty of her date with Peter, which consists of them in a church, talking to a priest and discussing the future.

He seems as if he still isn’t ready to propose because he says it is something he only wants to do once.

The conversation leaves Rachel in tears, but he says he isn’t ready to propose at this point and is at a loss of what to do.

He finally says he is willing to propose because he doesn’t want to lose her, but she doesn’t want him not to be sure. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

The two talk things out at the live show, and he wishes things could have been done differently.

She says there were a lot of deep rooted issues and that they were in different places. She also thinks this show isn’t the right way for him to find love. She also reiterates that she is frustrated by the whole situation—and the feeling seems mutual.

They say goodbye and wish each other the best. She is glad she finally has closure.

The final rose

The day of the rose ceremony, Rachel says she is now questioning Bryan and if she is ready to be engaged to him. He is busy picking the ring with Neil Lane.

However, she tells him that he is her forever and he proposes. She says yes and gives him the final rose. At the After The Final Rose, the happy couple is reunited, and he proposes once again.

There are no immediate wedding plans, but his mother gave her seal of approval.

We also find out that next week we will find out what happened on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Stay tuned!