It seems as though the chloe lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler drama is still holding strong. Although they were once close friends, there has been drama between the two dancers since the beginning of "Dance Moms" in 2011. At first, it was more between their mothers, Christi Lukasiak and Melissa Gisoni, and then it trickled down to the girls. This eventually led to the end of their friendship.

Why did Chloe leave Nia's birthday party?

It is being reported that while being interviewed at the party, Chloe saw Maddie from the corner of her eye and had to recompose herself in order to finish the interview.

After that, she was not seen in any photos from the party, thus leading people to believe that she left the party due to the fourteen-year old's arrival. But you can see her mother, Christi, in a group photo that also features Melissa. It's good to know that the two dance moms put their differences aside for the sake of Nia Sioux's sixteenth birthday party.

Fans have known for awhile now that the two dancers have not spoken in quite some time. Apparently, Chloe doesn't have any intention of changing that.

The two drifted after Chloe left the Lifetime show due to Abby Lee Miller making fun of Chloe's condition with her eye. It is believed that the two teens stopped being friends over drama surrounding the question as to whether or not Abby gave Chloe the same attention as she did Maddie.

Chloe and her mother ultimately agreed that the dance coach was not giving her adequate enough choreography and instead gave the best to Maddie, thus leading to Chloe always winning second place to Ziegler. Maddie and her family openly disagreed.

Chloe has since returned to "Dance Moms" but only because Abby Lee Miller has left the show.

She starts off as being on a team that competes against the Abby Lee Dance Company, but then soon rejoins the elite dance team.

How did Nia feel about Chloe leaving her birthday party?

Nia seemed to have been unbothered by it. Perhaps Chloe explained everything to Nia before she left. Nia has always been the more laid-back dancer on the show.

She's always been the one to stay out of drama and befriend the ones who are being left out by the other dancers or mothers.

Besides all the drama, Nia's party seemed like it was a blast! They were giving out hennas, they had hired performers, there was dancing, and a candy bar. Nia even released a new song.

Fans are just glad that Nia didn't let the drama ruin her special day.