Horror stories of botched plastic surgeries are the staple of the TV series? “Botched.” One of the recent patients who sought the help from the TV surgeons who specialize in worst-case scenarios is Brazilian model Rodrigo Alves.

He is also known as the human Ken doll. To achieve the look of Barbie’s doll boyfriend, Alves spent over $670,000 after a number of cosmetic procedures, particularly on his nose. Too many surgeries on his nose led to breathing problems.

Goodbye, nose

The surgeons on the reality show, however, turned down the Brazilian model because if they perform one more surgery on his nose, he runs the risk of the cosmetically enhanced nose turning black and dropping off, News.com reported.

In one year, he had three nose jobs after the “Botched” surgeons told him they can help him with his breathing problem, but they would not reduce the size of his nose. Alves went to other surgeons who only worsened his problem.

Dr. Paul Nassif, one of the surgeons on “Botched,” explained that almost all of the tissues in the nose of the human Ken Doll have been destroyed by his past surgeries. Alves also suffered, at one point, from an MRSA infection on his nose caused by staph bacteria. The skin on Alves’ nose is not good anymore, Nassif added.

“If you try to insult your skin one more time now while it’s healing, there’s a high possibility that if you let one of these doctors touch your nose now, this will turn black and then die and fall off,” Nassif warned.

The three surgeries in 12 to 15 months destroyed the model’s nose tissue, Nassif said. Alves nose is still healing from its last surgery three months ago and it is going to scar down more as part of the healing stage. Nassif tried to examine Alves’ nose, but because the model’s nostrils are so tight, his instrument, an otoscope, would not enter.

Other than the three rhinoplasties he had in the past year, which astounded the “Botched” doctors, the 33-year-old human Ken doll had undergone 51 plastic surgeries and 103 cosmetic procedures on his face neck, eyes and body to correct what he believes is being born in the wrong body.

The high life continues

Despite the warning by the surgeons, the Daily Mail reports that Alves was seen partying in Las Vegas on Friday.

He was spotted in a red velvet tuxedo while attending a beauty and cosmetic surgery summit in the city.

He met up with a friend, rode on his pal’s motorcycle as they drove down the Las Vegas Strip for an evening of drinking and dancing.