Robert Kardashian has had problems with his weight in the past but recently the star has been caving into his food addiction. The star is now the heaviest that he has been in his entire life weighing 21 stone and his family is extremely concerned for their brother's health. In a bid of desperation, Kris Jenner has claimed that she will no longer be giving her son any more money until he seeks professional help.

The star has been comforting eating since his split with Chyna

According to the Daily Mail, Robert Kardashian has gained even more weight as of late.

The celebrity is the heaviest he has ever been in his entire life totaling at 300 pounds. A source close to the family has stated that Rob is deeply hurt by the split with Blac Chyna and has taken to food as a source of comfort.

Radar Online has released a statement claiming that the comfort eating has skyrocketed since Rob's dispute with the mother of his baby Blac Chyna. Last month Rob decided to post elicit pictures of his ex to his Instagram account and claimed that Blac Chyna cheated on him several times when they were together.

Rob also claimed that Blac Chyna only used him to gain popularity and once she was pregnant and gave birth, she left him. It is clear that the situation with Blac Chyna has had a huge impact on Robert Kardashian.

According to the Sun, Chyna managed to get a restraining order taken out against Rob, which means that he cannot see his daughter Dream.

Kris has cut off her son until he gets professional help

According to The Sun, Kris Jenner has cut off her son and has demanded that he get professional help. Robert Kardashian has a history of anger issues and addiction to food and it appears that he simply cannot help eating more and more each day.

The mother of the celebrity is extremely worried about her son and fears that his weight will drag him to an early grave.

Kris Jenner has tried to help her son with his problems in the past but Rob will not listen to any of the Kardashian's about his addiction to food. In an act of pure desperation, Kris has cut her son off in the hopes that he will come to his sense and get the help he needs.

She has stated that she will not be giving her son another dime until he faces his problems head on.

The Daily Mail speculates that Rob's status, as one of the Kardashian's has to lead to his self-esteem being incredibly low. At his weight, the star is constantly being compared to his older sisters who are constantly praised for the way that they look.

Rob Kardashian has not commented on the situation. It is clear that the celebrity is dealing with many personal and mental issues at the present time and it is obvious that he needs some kind of intervention.