The MTV Video Music Awards is an annual event that aims to recognize artists for their music and influence. Hence, this year's awarding ceremony did not miss the chance to remember the late Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell for their contributions to the rock 'n' roll scene.

Music industry lost two legendary artists in apparent suicide

The two singers died in an apparent suicide after their long battle against depression and anxiety. Chris Cornell was found lifeless at his hotel room on May 18, while Chester Bennington hanged himself to death at his private residence on July 20.

Both artists had been honest about their battle with depression in the past. But despite the struggle in fighting their inner demons, the rock icons found comfort in music and performing for their fans. The Linkin Park vocalist even said in his last interview that their latest album, "One More Light," had given him and his co-members a glimmer of hope from their previous difficulties.

Unlike him, Chris Cornell hinted at his suicidal thoughts during his last show in Detroit where he performed "In My Time of Dying" by Led Zeppelin. At some point, the singer addressed the crowd and told them that he "[feels] bad for the next city" seemingly suggesting that it was his final performance.

Chester and Chris remembered for the legacy

Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell's sudden death has left the music industry in shock as both of them were considered rock icons. Hence, Jared Leto did not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to his colleagues at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards held on Sunday.

The "Suicide Squad" actor, who is also a singer and musician himself, said he was asked to attend the awarding ceremony to talk about the two late artists whom he had worked with for several years.

"Chester [Bennington] was my friend. As he was to so many," he said. "Witnessing his life taught me important things. Especially about working relentlessly, pursuing dreams, and being kind and caring while doing it."

Jared Leto recalled how the late Linkin Park vocalist treated him with kindness and added that he will always remember his friend's smiling face.

He also talked about Chester Bennington's close friendship with Chris Cornell that he even sang at the latter's funeral.

"Chester [Bennington] said of Chris [Cornell], "Your voice was joy and pain and anger and forgiveness, love and heartache, all wrapped up into one." Just weeks later, Chester himself was gone," he continued.

The "Suicide Squad" actor went on and asked those who are struggling with depression and anxiety to seek help and know that they are not alone in this battle. "I promise you this: The absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lay just beyond the darkest days," he added.