Taylor Kinney, the former boyfriend of Lady Gaga, attended her concert tour at Wrigley Field in Chicago last Friday. Kinney was spotted in the crowd watching his ex-girlfriend perform on stage, Harper’s Bazaar reported.

The fans shared photos with the American actor and model during Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” World Tour. Some of them shared their moments with Kinney just as the event was happening, while others said that they saw him passed in front of them.

One Twitter user named Mark (@guywhokissdgaga) wrote, “I met @taylorkinney111 last night and he is such a cool guy.

Best drunk selfie I’ve ever taken.” He attached a photo of the actor wearing a black ensemble, and sporting a black-colored jacket as well.

Remained as friends

According to a July 2016 report in E! Online, the former couple started dating in 2011 after Kinney met with Lady Gaga on the set of her “You And I” music video. Since then, they have worked together to make their relationship last.

Fans were disappointed when the two called off their engagement last year. There was even one moment when the female singer was caught on camera without her engagement ring. She was also seen without the sparkler during Kinney’s birthday, and when she performed in Mexico in 2016.

However, he and Lady Gaga has since remained friends, as two of the many unsuccessful celebrity couples who have proven that relationships do not necessarily have to end acrimoniously, Harper’s Bazaar added.

The female singer, however never got the chance to recognize him from the crowd during her concert.

‘Joanne’ world tour

The “Applause” singer is currently doing her “Joanne” world tour, based on the album that bears the same title.

The song “Joanne” had been a chart-topping piece in October.

The Concert Tour started in Vancouver, Canada on August 1. The final shows for this month will happen in Citifield, New York before she heads over to Massachusetts for the September shows.

On September 1 and 2, Lady Gaga is performing on stage at Fenway Park in Boston.

Then, she will fly to Canada and around various European countries to go on with her concert tour. These concert legs will include Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany.

Her recent stint in Chicago was a momentous event for her since it was the first time a woman has performed at Wrigley Field. The attendance of her ex-boyfriend did not mean that they will be back together soon, but was seen as a testament that they are in good terms, Harper’s Bazaar noted.