The Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tn., screened “Gone With the Wind” on August 11, leading to a slew of complaints from their patrons. The theater has now removed the 1939 classic from their planned 2018 summer movie series, with mixed reactions.

Theater removes ‘Gone With the Wind’ from summer 2018 program

The theater said in a statement that normally they select movie titles for the summer movie series in the spring. However, after the number of inquiries from patrons following the August 11 screening of the film, they have made an early determination to remove it from the upcoming schedule.

Patrons had specifically commented to say the film was not suitable and was “insensitive” to the theater’s wider audience. The statement said that after receiving several negative comments, The Orpheum had carefully reviewed them, leading to the decision to take the title off the program.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, “Gone With the Wind,” which starred Vivien Lee and Clark Gable, was honored with eight Academy Awards. The film was set in the period of the Civil War and the Reconstruction period. However, since its release, the movie has received criticism for its sympathetic view of the American South.

Social media response to the 1939 film

The Facebook page for the Memphis screening event of “Gone With the Wind” received much initial criticism, with one person commenting all tributes and references to white supremacy will slowly but surely be removed from the community.

Others called the 1939 film “racist.”

In more recent comments, patrons have come out in force to criticize the removal of the film. Facebook user Leo Rose said the theater should be ashamed of itself for canceling what he called “the greatest film of all time.”

Becki Lee Brown went on to comment that it was sad that “some idiots,” who had probably never watched the movie, had caused its cancellation.

Brown added that people gripe about the need to protect the history of the U.S., adding that few movies portray the realities of that “stupid time” than “Gone With the Wind.”

Jeaux Daigle also commented that it was the best film ever made adding that Hattie McDaniel, in the role of Mammie was the first black to ever win as Oscar.

Daigle asked if that was racist, saying this had given black actors and actresses recognition in the movie industry.

After canceling “Gone With the Wind, The Orpheum continued their statement by saying an exciting series of movies will be announced in spring next year offering recent blockbusters and a selection of classic films.