Teen Mom” star Chelsea DeBoer spent most of her time on the show fighting her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Chelsea really had high expectations for him, as he claimed he wanted to be a part of Aubree’s life. However, now years later, he doesn’t seem to care too much about being there for her, and Chelsea has stopped trying to make it work. Instead, she’s focusing on her marriage to Cole DeBoer. They met one another and quickly fell in love. They recently married and then she got pregnant with a son.

According to a new Instagram post, “Teen Mom” star Chelsea DeBoer is now gushing about her son, Watson, who arrived earlier this year.

And this little guy seems to be a bundle of joy, as he’s always laughing and smiling in Chelsea’s pictures. While Chelsea just talks about Watson and her daughter Aubree, one has to wonder how Cole is loving his new role as a father.

Chelsea DeBoer gushes over Watson Cole

On Chelsea's Instagram page, she has been posting pictures of her son. Of course, many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans want to see pictures of little Watson Cole, as he has yet to be featured on the show. And since this is Chelsea's first boy, she's eager to show him off. Plus, this pregnancy and birth were a lot different than her first, as one can imagine that Cole was supportive of Chelsea giving birth. While she had to deal with Adam calling Aubree a mistake, Chelsea could now give birth to her son, surrounded by loving and supportive people.

Would Chelsea DeBoer have more children?

As it turns out, Watson Cole is so adorable that many people are wondering if Chelsea DeBoer is done having children or if she should have one more. Several of the "Teen Mom 2" girls are having children again.

Jenelle Evans recently welcomed her third child to the world, and Kailyn Lowry has just announced her third pregnancy. In other words, Chelsea wouldn't be alone. Plus, Leah Messer gave birth to twins on "16 & Pregnant" and later had Adalynn. DeBoer would be the only girl from the show without three children.

Chelsea herself hasn't said anything about having more children and it may not be something they are talking about these days, as she could still be recovering from the birth.

Plus, the first few months with a newborn are rough so having another baby may not be on her list of priorities these days. But maybe Cole wants another baby.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's posts about her son Watson Cole? Do you think she should have more children?