Javi Marroquin from "Teen Mom 2" knows what it means to cause drama on social media. During his divorce from Kailyn Lowry, many "Teen Mom 2" fans decided to reach out to him, where they essentially slammed Kailyn for her behavior. It is no secret that he has absolutely no interest in saying anything negative or bad about his ex-wife, as the two still share a child.

He learned that the marriage was over between them when Lowry announced that their marriage was toxic and she was planning on getting a divorce. Javi had essentially no say in the matter, and he told Dr.

Drew on a "Teen Mom 2" reunion special that he was more than willing to work on the marriage.

Vague social media posts

After they got a divorce, Javi Marroquin learned that his ex-wife was pregnant with her third child. As she had clearly moved on with her life, Javi decided that he should also start dating. He had a few relationships here and there after their split, but he recently revealed that he had found a relationship with a woman and he really enjoyed it despite it being long distance. However, it sounds like there may be trouble in paradise for Holly, as he recently sent out an Instagram statement that could be about his ex-wife or even his current girlfriend.

"Sometimes that one thing you really wanted to happen...

might be the best thing that never happened," Javi revealed on social media this week.

In the Instagram caption that he shared, he probably reveals that the thing that he wanted to have happened didn't happen and it might have been a blessing in disguise. Of course, many fans wrote supportive messages to him, saying that he was lucky to get out of his marriage when he did.

But Javi could also be talking about his girlfriend and the long-distance situation. Perhaps he learned that she had been unfaithful to him, as rumors were surfacing online recently that she had hooked up with other guys during the relationship.

Was he the victim?

Of course, some people may just want to date Marroquin because he is famous from "Teen Mom 2" and he was betrayed as the victim during the show.

Javi could also be referring to a simple matter, such as a trip not panning out and him having a blast anyway. His messages on social media could be interpreted in numerous ways, but fans like to jump to conclusions, especially about Kailyn Lowry.

What do you think Javi Marroquin is referring to? Do you think he needs to be more specific in his social media captions to avoid fans freaking out and believing he is tweeting or writing about his ex-wife?