The Boston Celtics have drawn the line on the Cavs deal saying they can only offer 2nd round pick and that's it. A previous rumor suggested that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to "inquire" about Jayson Tatum or Jalen Brown to complete the deal, but the Celtics are having none of it. According to Adam Kaufman's twitter post featured on ClutchPoints, definitely, no talks about including the two players will be discussed in a new trade review.

Isaiah Thomas' hip injury apparently made the whole blockbuster trade invaluable to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Reports reveal that he may not be 100 percent ready to join the Cavs training camp and will likely miss the most of the next season. The Cavs claim they were uninformed about the extent of Thomas' absence and whether he can play next season. That said, they want an additional player to compensate the less than lucky trade.

Isaiah Thomas' physical examination is less than promising

In another report by Clutch Points, Isaiah Thomas flew to Cleveland to take his physical and the results were less than promising. The sensitivity of the situation now relies on whether Thomas will be able to play in time. According to a reliable source close to Adrian Wojnarowski, the deal can still be considered void if the issue on Isaiah Thomas' hip injury cannot be resolved or the Boston Celtics refuse to offer a legitimate addition to the deal.

Deadline to seal the blockbuster trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers have until Thursday, August 30, to approve or disapprove the deal depending on the outcome of the player's physical examination. Isaiah Thomas' injury happened in March when the Boston Celtics played against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Meanwhile, the Celtics GM Danny Ainge confirmed the hip injury played a role in the trade against Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers.

On Wednesday, August 29, the two teams are expected to submit each of the players' physical results, and by 10 a.m. the next day, they are expected to submit their decisions on the trade. If they need more time, both teams can agree to extend the deadline, something that could happen in the nick of time when NBA training camps are about to begin.

Isaiah Thomas is confirmed to be an unwilling participant in what the NBA consider as blockbuster trade. He was as shocked as everybody else, considering it as a punch in the gut. When Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas talked to him, he revealed his worries and concerns primarily on her children's welfare.