"The Real Housewives of Dallas" returned on Monday night on Bravo and fans were excited to follow up with the ladies from Dallas. It has been over a year since the first season had aired on Bravo and fans were getting a little impatient with the network, as they hadn't announced anything in relation to the second season. All of the ladies claimed that they had filmed the show and they were just waiting for Bravo to announce the return of the show so they could start promoting it to their fans.

While many of the ladies were excited about the return to Bravo, there was one major issue that clouded the first episode.

Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman were no longer friends, as Brandi had taken serious offense to something Stephanie had written in her blog for the show last year about her marriage.

No communication

The two ladies weren't talking to one another and Stephanie wasn't really sure as to what she had done wrong. Brandi has explained that she put up a wall and she was essentially a zombie when it came to her former friend, as she was heartbroken that things have taken such an ugly turn.

Interestingly enough, Brandi was now becoming close friends with LeeAnne Locken, even though they weren't exactly the best of friends last year. Brandi was using Locken as a shoulder to c on, and using her to discuss some of her feelings as she felt she had no one else to really rely on during this time.

However Brandi may not have realized just how passionate LeeAnne was about becoming her friend during the first episode of the season.

Awkward conversation

The ladies went to a party where they all came face-to-face with one another. Stephanie reached out to Brandi to see if they could set up a time to talk about their issues, as she missed her friend.

Before Redmond even had the chance to answer, LeeAnne Locken stepped in and decided to become Redmans Guard Dog. Brandi never got to say a word, as LeeAnne took over and decided to speak for her.

There was a tone of aggression in her voice and she was clearly very defensive about possibly making peace with Brandi. But how did Brandi feel about all of this?

She opened up in her Bravo blog about Locken speaking out for her at the scene was super awkward.

"AWKWARD!!! I did not want LeeAnne Locken to speak for me, nor get involved. I knew I didn’t want to speak to Stephanie with aggression because I know she doesn’t handle communicating that way. I knew if and when I speak to her that it would be with compassion and heartfelt," Brandi explains in her Bravo blog.

As she explains in her blog, she wanted to handle the situation with care and she wanted the conversation to be heartfelt and compassionate. She had no interest in involving Locken in the conversation.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken speaking out on behalf of Brandi on this episode? Were you surprised that she was so aggressive toward Stephanie?