Brad Pitt is all set for his first acting project since he and Angelina Jolie announced their separation last year. According to a Hollywood Life source, the actor and producer is brewing something big for his onscreen comeback.

He is also excited to be working with his co-actors and production staff for the forthcoming project. More than these, the 53-year-old Hollywood A-lister is happy that he can finally express himself without being criticized by his estranged wife.

Pitt is back to business after splitting from Jolie

"For many years he suffered Angelina’s constant advice, notes, and often unsolicited opinions about his work," the insider said.

Brad [Pitt] may miss Angelina [Jolie], a little bit, but now that he is back on set, he does not miss her constant criticism."

But despite his packed schedule, the father of six misses coming home to a family after a hard day of work. "Now that he has finally decided to return to work, he is reminded of how lonely his life has become," the source added.

Much has been said about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's separation for the past year. There were rumors that the celebrity couple has considered getting back together, which were later proven to be untrue.

Inside Brangelina's ongoing divorce

A couple of weeks ago, a source claimed that the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" duo had called the divorce off in hopes to give their marriage another chance.

It added that both parties "haven't done anything to move forward" with the separation for several months.

This claim has given a glimmer of hope to Brangelina shippers who are still hopeful that the former couple would eventually change their minds on the split. Brad Pitt, in particular, felt like "there's no going back" after all that has been said and done in the course of their separation.

Unlike him, Angelina Jolie is reportedly open to reconciling with her estranged husband if he would ever beg to have her back. An affiliate added that the "Maleficent" actress feels lonely without Brad Pitt whom she considered her best friend.

"Angelina [Jolie] definitely has regrets about splitting from Brad [Pitt] and about the end of their marriage," it said.

"Angelina [Jolie] misses Brad [Pitt] a lot more than she ever thought she would."

The "By The Sea" actors were supposed to celebrate their third wedding anniversary on August 23 had they not separated last September 2016. Both parties previously admitted that they were struggling to keep an amicable relationship after the split, however, both of them are committed to co-parenting their six kids.