On Wednesday, August 30, Victoria Beckham took to her Instagram account to post an unusually revealing picture of herself. The image, which now already has over thousand likes and comments, showcases the wife of David Beckham as posing in nothing but a bra, while she wears her make-up. The Estée Lauder makeup palette can be seen sophisticatedly held in her hand, with a towel wrapped around her waist, and bra covering her torso.

As noted by The Daily Mail, she posted this picture with the caption that reads, “Discover my formula for flawless skin - #VBxEsteeLauder launching this Friday 1st September x VB victoriabeckham.com #VBDoverST@esteelauder." The celebrity did not seem to have applied make-up at the time.

This make-up free selfie has got fans interested especially because of her outfit. Her perked up implant-free chest is clearly visible through the net-like, see-through bra.

Victoria's regrets

According to a report by OK Magazine, Victoria recently admitted that she regrets having a boob job done years ago. The once-singer shot to fame as a member of famous band, Spice Girls. Later, she married immensely popular footballer, David Beckham and that is a whole new ball game. During this particular phase, she underwent breast enlargement surgery. Throughout endless “red carpet” appearances, she has showcased her “artwork” by sporting strapless gowns. She reportedly told Vogue, “I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs.”

Beckham's advice to girls

She even went on to state that while all those years she denied it, it was a “stupid” decision to make.

Brushing it off as nothing but a “sign of security,” she advises young girls to “celebrate” what they have naturally, reported The Sun. Her first cosmetic surgery was her breast enhancement surgery, which took place in 1999 right after the birth of Brooklyn. She apparently boosted her chest from a 34A to 34DD. Popular biographer, Andrew Morton stated that the surgery costed her nearly £10,000 at that time.

In 2014, the fashion designer admitted to Allure magazine that she doesn’t have them anymore.

She added that she is completely natural now, except for her fingernails and a bit of her hair. Victoria and David Beckham have four children together, the last one (Harper) was delivered in 2011. She got rid of her perky chest in 2013.

When she appeared at one of the Wimbledon events, her chest appeared to be unusually small. This was when publications concluded that she had probably undergone more surgery, but this time to get back to being natural.