Taylor Swift, the 28-year-old pop singer, has debuted her newest Single entitled "Look What You Made Me Do" during the 2017 VMAs. It's no secret that Taylor Swift has evolved dramatically over the years. From the sweet, innocent country singer to the highly talented pop superstar, Taylor's most surprising version of herself is portrayed in the said music video. Here's what the hype is all about:

The old Taylor is 'dead.'

The music video opens with Taylor Swift dressed in her "Out of the Woods" outfit crawling out of her grave. The grave was marked by a tombstone stating the words, "Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation." She was, frankly, terrifying in her zombified look and at the same time looks strong and determined as she portrayed burying her old sweet self.

Despite the dark intro of the video, a glamorous follow-up of Taylor submerged in a tub full of jewels and gems took the video into a different spin off. It was also noticed that inside the tub full of jewels was a single dollar. This was a symbolic representation of all she has achieved: the jewels as her fame and fortune and the dollar for her victory in standing up against sexual harassment.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the media manipulation and social media bashing. As the young superstar garnered more awards in her lifetime so did the hate and bashing. She had been involved in one of the biggest celebrity feuds such as her feud with Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian. Thus, about this, the lyrics to the song proved that after every dirt thrown at her grave, Taylor quote, "But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time." The bathtub scene was also a reference to Kim's Paris robbing.

Talk about revenge!

In addition to the powerful lyrics, Taylor Swift, as seen in the music video, sits on a golden throne filled with snakes wearing a stunning red ensemble looking like the 'Red Snake Queen". The snakes were a reference to the bashing she got from the Kim and Kanye controversy. This scene was then followed by Taylor crashing to a post in her gold car while the media was having a feast taking photos of her accident.

She was holding a Grammy award. This scene was rumored to be a clap back to her frenemy Katy Perry.

The new Taylor emerges

Towards the end of the video, the new and strong Taylor stood over an older version of herself. Several of which represents who she was in the past and her so called 'identities.' It was also a depiction that Taylor is not afraid to make fun of herself and accept the rumors and bullying head on.

People are in overdrive and with mixed emotions after seeing the new music video. Some fans feel empowered and fully support her new image while the usual usurpers criticize her new video and song as another version of herself trying to be the 'victim' again. No matter what people's opinions are, we truly cannot deny Taylor's ability to surprise us with her genius.