Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Things are really going to come to a head when Sheila and Quinn finally have a big showdown at some point during these July 10 to July 14, 2017 episodes. Eric is going to run off and hide with Sheila! Brooke will demand to hear RJ's version of the crash. Steffy attempts to bring Caroline and Thomas back together, and so much more. These are official spoilers from CBS by way of Soaps.com

RJ's story

The Monday, July 10 episode will give us a scene that features Brooke expressing her desire to get RJ's side of the story in regard to the car crash.

Will she be able to get it? Or will it continue to be kept from her? We'll just have to wait and see. Next, they say that Thomas will have a pretty deep conversation with Sally. She's going to discuss her family with him. While doing so, it will allow Thomas to see a much softer side of her. So, that sounds like it could certainly add an interesting element to their storyline.

Caroline returns to Los Angeles

In the Tuesday, July 11 episode, Caroline will finally make her big return to the Los Angeles, California area with Douglas in tow. At some point, she's going to pay Thomas a visit. Will Thomas be happy to see her? That's the big question for this storyline. One thing for sure is it should definitely give us some very interesting moments to look forward to.

The second teaser scoop for Tuesday reveals that Charlie will express some uncertainty in regard to an offer that Sheila has presented to him. Will he accept the offer? Or will his suspicions cause him to back out? Those are the big questions for this situation. It certainly sounds like it could give us some very intriguing moments to look forward to.

Plan to reunite

The Wednesday, July 12 episode is going to feature a situation involving a big plan that Steffy has cooked up. Apparently, she will be busy trying to get Caroline and Thomas to reunite. Bill will also help Steffy with her plan. Will Steffy be successful? Or will things totally backfire on her? There's no doubt that it'll really be interesting to see how all this ends up playing out.

It sounds like it could possibly take a few episodes for everything to fully unfold.

Elsewhere, Quinn will totally get rattled, to the point that she will fear that her marriage could be in extreme jeopardy, because Eric is going to abruptly leave the mansion.

Thomas and Caroline

Thursday's episode will feature some major drama between Quinn and Sheila. They revealed that these two will end up squaring off. It wasn't mentioned if this confrontation gets physical or not. One thing's for sure, it sounds like it will deliver a ton of drama.

The second scoop for Thursday reveals that Sally will start noticing the closeness that Thomas and Caroline share with one another. So, it sounds like these two will definitely be getting along quite well before the end of the week.

A huge mistake

Lastly, they revealed how the week will wrap up in the Friday, July 14 episode. We'll see a moment where Caroline tells Thomas that she made a huge mistake when she left the last time. Elsewhere, Liam and Steffy will try to locate Eric. However, it sounds like they will have a pretty hard time finding him since he'll be hiding out with Sheila at this point. It sounds like the week will end on a pretty big note. Stay tuned.