Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’re about to see Caroline resort to getting help from Bill with the whole Ridge situation in these upcoming July 17 to July 21, 2017, episodes. Also, we’ll see Steffy become privy to Quinn and Ridge’s scandalous affair at some point! Quinn and Steffy engage in a confrontation and more. These are official spoiler teasers from CBS by way of Soaps.com

Quinn still worried

This new week will start off with the Monday, July 17 episode. It’s going to give us a scene that shows Quinn still extremely worried and concerned about Eric’s new relationship with crazy Sheila.

Elsewhere, Steffy will somehow discover the details of Ridge and Quinn’s forbidden activities. How does she find out? That’s the really big and intriguing question for this particular storyline. There’s no doubt this will give us some scenes to remember.

In the Tuesday, July 18 episode, we’re going to see the scene that features Caroline turning to Bill in hopes of getting his assistance to win Thomas back. Will Bill actually help her out? Or will he tell her to take a hike? It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how that situation will all play out.

Ridge tries to explain

In the second scoop for Tuesday’s installment, Steffy is going to get an earful from Ridge trying to explain everything that took place between him and Quinn.

Will Steffy buy his side of the story? Will it be an honest explanation from him? We’ll certainly have to wait and see. It does sound like that conversation will give us another very interesting moment.

Wednesday’s July 19 episode will deliver some very heavy-sounding drama as they say that Quinn and Steffy will have some sort of huge face off about what Quinn did to Eric.

There’s no doubt that this plotline will give us quite a few fireworks. Could this escalate to a physical altercation? That’s another big question for this week.

Plead with Caroline

In another scene, Sally will be shown trying to plead with Caroline not to pursue anything with Ridge. This will all take place during a lunch meeting that they will have.

Will Caroline actually respect Sally’s wishes? It seems highly doubtable. Whatever the case, this should provide a very interesting scene to look forward to.

Next up, is information for the Thursday, July 20 episode. It will feature Ridge trying to plot and plan out how he will make some sort of amends for all the trouble that he’s caused his family. Will he be able to come up with anything that’s good enough? This definitely sounds like a storyline that will take at least a few episodes to fully play out. He won’t be able to rectify this overnight.

Sally arrives at the hotel

Sheila will also be in one of the scenes. They say she won’t be impressed when Sally arrives at the hotel in an effort to see Eric.

So, that sounds like a situation that could possibly turn pretty dramatic.

Lastly, they revealed another two storylines that will be featured in the week-ending Friday, July 21 installment. At some point, the Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions crew will start prepping for Monte Carlo.

Knock Sally out of the picture

Elsewhere, Bill is actually going to come up with a scheme that’s designed to knock Sally out of the picture so that Caroline, Douglas, and Thomas can possibly reunite? Will his wild plan work? We’ll definitely have to tune in to find out. One thing’s for sure, this upcoming week will end on another very interesting note.