A compelling video titled "Jaime's worst fear" has been published by the YouTube channel Shahan Reviews. The video has quickly become popular thanks to its interesting subject: why Jaime conducted such a foolish attack against Daenerys Targaryen in the last episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7.

The reason behind Jaime's assault on Daenerys

Below you can watch the compilation video published by video editor and film critic Shahan Khilj, aka Shahan Reviews:

Jaime is not perfect

What's great about Jaime's character is its complexity. Jaime was one of the greatest swordsmen in Westeros, he's in love with her sister, he killed a king to save thousands of lives.

He also committed horrible crimes (like throwing a child out of a window) and is now helping a cruel monarch who killed hundreds of innocents in King's Landing.

Some fans believe that he can become Azor Ahai reborn at the end of his path of redemption, others strongly disagree with this hypothesis. This video provides some idea of the motivation behind Jaime's foolish charge against The Mother of Dragons. It reminds us that Jaime's worst fear may have been triggered by Daenerys' assault on the Lannister soldiers. Watching Daenerys burning hundreds of people using dragon fire, would have reminded the Kingslayer of the atrocities he risked everything to stop.

But the crazy thing about Jaime is that he loves another woman who reminds us of the Mad King: Cersei Lannister.

It's hard to tell what's going on in Jaime's mind

We should also point out that Jaime often tries to avoid a conflict (remember Riverrun?), therefore he might have thought that killing Daenerys would have suddenly ended a war that is going to cost who knows how many lives. Again, he shouldn't be making out with another mass murderer, but if you recall what Jaime said a moment before pushing Bran off the tower in season 1 ("The things I do for love"), you can't deny that he has always been blinded by his love for Cersei.

Will Jaime survive?

We're pretty sure that a major character like Jaime is not going to die this easily, so we're confident that we will see Jaime again in the very next episode of "Game of Thrones," "Eastwatch." Here's the summary of the fifth episode of this season, which airs on August 13, on HBO: "Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran’s warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way."