A Twitter user has posted a fake announcement about Gigi Hadid's pregnancy by pretending to be her mother, Yolanda Hadid. The individual used Photoshop to craft a convincing Tweet announcing that Gigi was pregnant but Yolanda has since taken to social media stating that these Rumors are false.

Rumors about the model's pregnancy

According to Teen Vogue, rumors have recently surfaced that model Gigi Hadid is pregnant with her first child. The rumors first surfaced on social media and fans began to celebrate the news and share it with their friends.

Gigi has been with her boyfriend Zayn Malik for over two years now, and fans were delighted to hear the news.

In a report by Bazaar, the news broke from an account called Baby gossip who released a statement to Gigi's mother congratulating her about her status as a grandmother. However, it appears that Baby Gossip had found a fake Tweet created through photoshop of Yolanda telling the world that her daughter was pregnant.

Fans took to social media and immediately began to tweet at Gigi Hadid on her pregnancy and encouraged Yolanda to spread the news to people around the world. There has been no comment from Gigi Hadid or her boyfriend Zayn Malik about the rumors, but Gigi's mother has come forward and addressed the claims.

Yolanda Hadid has addressed the rumors

According to Teen Vogue, Yolanda Hadid has since come forward about her supposed tweet revealing her daughter's pregnancy. The mother of Gigi Hadid was outraged to find out that someone had taken her name and created a false statement about her daughter. Yolanda wrote back to a fan’s comment asking if the rumors were true and vehemently denied them.

Yolanda then pointed out to fans of Gigi that if her daughter was pregnant than her daughter would be the one to announce it. It is clear that Yolanda respects her daughter’s right to privacy and does not want anything out in the media that Gigi has not put out there herself. Yolanda was extremely disappointed that someone would create a false rumor to get attention and immediately took to Twitter to end the situation.

With the rumors finally dispelled fans of Gigi Hadid and Yolanda took to social media to offer their support to the family. They stated that they were sorry someone has been spreading fake rumors about Gigi and have expressed their love for the Hadid family. Some fans were extremely relieved that the 22-year-old model was not pregnant, as this would have had dire consequences for the model's career.

Fans are wondering if Gigi Hadid or Zayn Malik will ever address the rumors, but now that Yolanda has cleaned up the mess, it appears that the situation has now been resolved.