Aisha Tyler has been a member of the TV series "The Talk" for several years and fans of the show were devastated to hear that she would be leaving the show. Tyler appeared in her last ever episode of "The Talk" and could barely hold back her tears as she bid the show farewell. She spoke about her reasons for leaving the show and her goal of becoming a director.

The star made her last appearance on the show

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aisha Taylor recently made her last ever appearance on the hit TV series "The Talk." The star arrived for her final show ready to say goodbye to her fellow co-workers as she finally ended her time with the series.

Tyler had previously announced in June of 2017 that she was leaving the show and fans were tearful as she shot her final episode ever.

Aisha Tyler joined her co-hosts on the stage and she and Julie Chen, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne all drank some champagne as they reminisced about Tyler's time on "The Talk." She received high praise from her co-workers as they stated how amazing she has been to work with and how deeply she will be missed.

Sharon Osbourne spoke highly of Tyler's work ethic and stated that from day one Tyler was determined to make the best of her job at "The Talk." Chen stated that she looked up to Aisha Tyler as an older sister and spoke highly of Tyler's attitude and said that she was beautiful and intelligent.

Chen then revealed that the cast of "The Talk" had gotten a present for Aisha and Tyler could barely contain her tears. The women presented her with matching bracelets, which had a message stating that if someone messed with one of the girls, they were messing with all them.

Aisha thanked her co-stars and stated that she knew she could never convince them to get matching tattoos but that the bracelets were the next best thing.

She is too busy to continue on with 'The Talk'

According to the Daily Mail, Aisha Tyler is leaving the view because she is simply too busy pursuing other projects to continue with the show. The star is a series regular on the show "Criminal Minds" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" She also stars as a voice actor on the animated series "Archer."

As well as this, Aisha has expressed her interest in trying her hand at directing.

She recently directed her first ever film titled "Axis" which she took to several film festivals. Aisha explained that she could not possibly pursue her dream of directing if she was tied down to a seven-day schedule with "The Talk" and while she will miss the show she knows that it is time for her to move on to bigger and better things.

Fans were devastated to hear that Aisha Tyler would no longer be a cast member on "The Talk" but they can look forward to the stars upcoming projects.