Dollar Bill Spencer is at it again with his manipulation of his family. He invited Sally Spectra to ride the Spencer jet to Monte Carlo. Sally believes this indicates that Bill had accepted her relationship with Thomas. Sally is flying high, but Bill is about to cause her world to come tumbling down. He is going to blindside Ms. Spectra, and she won't even see it coming. "The Bold and the Beautiful" is going to be interesting these next few weeks.

The fashion show will reveal all

Thomas talked his sister Sally into a fashion show competition between "Spectra Fashions" and "Forrester Creations." It is being held at the Spencer Summit in Monaco, and Bill is flying everyone over on the Spencer private jet.

Steffy Wyatt, Brooke, and Liam all give Sally suspicious looks. They don't know that this time she is an innocent victim and Dollar Bill is the one who is plotting something evil.

Sally also is completely unaware that Bill still wants to put her out of business, so he can raze the Spectra building and erect a sky scraper. She also has absolutely no idea that Bill also lied to Thomas saying that Caroline is dying of a terminal illness. Bill believed even this would reunite Thomas with his niece and break up his relationship with Sally.

Caroline did not want to go along with her uncle, but she does desire to be a family unit with Thomas and their son Douglas. Dollar Bill is hoping that when Spectra is shown to not be up to Forrester standards at the fashion show, this will humiliate Sally and send her packing.

Thomas is being played like a fiddle by Bill

Bill asked Thomas to keep Caroline's secret, but spoilers indicate that this coming week, Thomas will tell Sally the truth. She will probably wonder what this means for her relationship with Thomas and may even walk away so he can do the right thing by his baby mama. Bill is playing Thomas like a fiddle and getting away with it.

On Wednesday Thomas told Caroline he would be there for her, so it is possible his feelings for his baby mama might change.

Eventually, however, the truth will be revealed, and when it is, Thomas will be livid at both Caroline and her uncle Bill. By then the damage may have already been done to his relationship with Sally, and he may be so angry with Caroline that Thomas sues for full custody of Douglas.

Stay tuned to CBS daytime to find out how this love triangle works itself out on "The Bold and the Beautiful." And keep up with the latest spoiler alerts if you want to know a few days ahead of time.