Bob Harper is a personal trainer who worked on the Reality Tv Series "The Biggest Loser" which looked at individual’s unhealthy weight and lifestyles. Harper suffered an unexpected heart attack earlier this year and has since been on the long road to recovery. The personal trainer has recently opened up about the changes that he has implemented in order to be a healthier version of himself.

The star opened up about how his life has changed

According to PS, Bob Harper has opened up about the heart attack, which changed the way he lives his life. The celebrity was part of the reality TV series "The Biggest Loser" and quickly became a fan favorite as he helped individuals get their weight down.

However, Harper subsequently suffered a heart attack in February of 2017 and this has changed the way that the star looks at life.

Harper has revealed that the heart attack was a big wake up call for him and that he realized how he needed to change his lifestyle in order to stay alive. He has revealed that everything has changed since his heart attack and even referred to the event as a metamorphosis of sorts.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Harper revealed that he used to work out through cross fit at the gym and the star was known for his intensive work out training. However, since his heart attack, Harper has had to pull back on the exercise and claims that he is looking at working out in a whole new way.

The celebrity has been advised to take things easy as he gets back on his feet and has revealed that this is a new and strange process for him to be a part of. He stated that he is now staying away from heavy lifting and has revealed that he has taken up yoga and cycling classes to compensate for his workouts.

Harper revealed that he has completely changed his diet

According to TMZ, Bob Harper has revealed that he has completely changed his diet since his heart attack. He revealed that he has now gone vegetarian and has stated that by cutting out certain foods that he has reduced his chances of suffering another heart attack by 30%.

He stated that he has had to cut out a lot of food that he used to enjoy in the past and has even given up his favorite coffee drink in order to get healthy again. The star is certainly doing everything in his power to maintain his health and though it has been revealed that genetics had a part to play in his heart attack Harper is not taking any chances.

Harper serves as inspiration for people who are recovering from similar events and is a strong advocate for exercise and healthy eating. The star's fans are happy to see that he is on the road to recovery after his heart attack in 2017.

"The Biggest Loser" is due to return soon and Harper has stated that it will be a while before he is back on the show as he is still recovering.