Tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice" episode, started off with the Celebrities getting presented their first task of the episode, which was to put together a good PR stunt for "Lorissa’s Kitchen," which is a health food company. Brooke Burke took up the project manager duties for Team Arete and Lisa Leslie spearheaded Team Prima. Fitness guru ,Bob Harper, joined Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger to help advise things.

Lisa issues

Next, they showed footage of the two teams, formulating their concepts. Lisa's team had a real problem with her, because she wouldn't listen to any of their ideas and just wanted to do her own thing.

At the team Arete camp, things weren't going too much better as Brooke couldn't really come up with anything. To make things worse, she told Bob Harper that she wanted to play it safe, and he thought that was a terrible idea.

Finally, we learned what they came up with during the presentation footage. Arete decided to talk about Personal weight loss stories and workout routines. Team Prima seemed to be less organized and more chaotic than Arete as there was still no clear focus as to what their presentation was about. Arnold Schwarzenegger was personally there to see all this go down too.

The decision

After all that madness, we got the boardroom footage. Lots of blame got thrown around. As expected, the executives thought Prima's work was very chaotic, and they said that Arete didn't utilize the space all that well.

But in the end, it was the more focused presentation of Brooke's team that won it all, leaving Lisa team to decide who should get terminated.

The executives thought Vince's contribution of dancing girls was the worst part. Chael attacked Lisa, claiming she was terrible at leading. Then she fired back at him for not getting involved enough.

Ultimately, Lisa decided to bring back Chael and Vince to see who would get canned. After that, they battled back and forth some more, but when Vince said he should be fired, that made it real easy for Arnold to just go ahead and terminate him. So, Vince caught that chopper ride out of here.

The magical task

Next, the celebs were given their 2nd task of the episode, which was to create a great digital brochure for the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Carson Kressley took over project manager duties for Team Prima, while Matt Iseman expressed that he was ecstatic to be PM for Team Arete, claiming he's a huge Harry Potter fan. Tracey Edmonds from "Extra," showed up to be an advisor.

After that, we saw footage of the teams going over their concepts. Prima came up with some type of lame photos concept, while Matt of Arete decided to do a "Daily Profit" newspaper of the wizarding world concept.

The Chael scandal

Next, they showed the footage of the teams, working on their projects. Both Carson and Lisa had negative things to say about Chael, calling him a lowdown, dirty cheat and what not, so that was pretty intense. Apparently, he cut a wire on his team's computer to buy them more time to get their stuff together, claiming there was a technical difficulty.

Anyways, from there, they showed the presentation footage. Everything seemed to go ok for both teams. I didn't see any major hiccups or anything.

Next, they headed off to the boardroom. The subject of Chael's stunt was immediately brought up, because Carson and some of the rest, felt really disturbed by it. Chael fessed up to cheating, but he thought it was ok, claiming it's a game. Arnold didn't feel the same way, and fired him right on the spot.

Porsha got the boot

Next, they revealed that the executives loved Matt and company's presentation, and said that Carson's photo stuff was very uninspired, so Matt's team won,leaving the Prima folks to argue who should go. Lisa said Porsha should go.

Porsha said Lisa should go. Then they started bickering. Ultimately, Arnold decided to terminate Porsha, because she was in charge of creative and had been brought back like 6 or so times in the past. Stay tuned.