Corinne Olympios is moving on from the aftermath of the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal that rocked her reality TV world earlier this summer. In an interview with Us Weekly, Corinne revealed that all is good after her setback on the set of the ABC reality show, which had Warner Bros. shutting down production of the show amid allegations of sexual misconduct between Olympios and co-star DeMario Jackson. After an investigation concluded that there was no wrongdoing, both Corinne and DeMario declined to return to “Bachelor in Paradise” when production resumed two weeks later.

While she didn’t return to "Bachelor in Paradise,” Corinne is ready to return to TV as the star of her own reality show. Corinne Olympios told the Hollywood Reporter that she has a new reality show in the works and that she is also working on a scripted show with one of her favorite producers. Corinne clarified that she will be in front of the camera for both projects.

Does America want to see more of Corinne Olympios on TV?

Corinne Olympios has long said that America wants to see more of her on TV, but the “Bachelor in Paradise” shutdown had some fans blaming her for the show’s possible cancellation. Now that the show is back and Corinne was cleared of causing any drama, she seems to be banking on the fact that Bachelor Nation will stand behind her.

Corinne started her reality TV journey on Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor,” where she made headlines for her over-the-top antics, then made a cameo on Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette” and a brief appearance on “Bachelor in Paradise,” in footage shot before the shutdown. Corinne told E! News that she was approached by multiple networks to star in a reality show with her family and her “nanny,” Raquel.

Corinne told E! she thinks America would be interested in a Reality Tv Show about her and her family.

How Corinne picked herself up after the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal

As for the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal, Corinne told Us that she got through it by taking time for herself and doing a lot of yoga, a lot of therapy, and spending time with her family, especially her mother.

Olympios even revealed that she got a puppy to help her get through the rough times. Corinne also said she has no problem with Bachelor Nation and declared "I am Bachelor Nation.”

Corinne Olympios will share her side of the "Bachelor in Paradise” scandal in a sit-down interview with Chris Harrison on Tuesday night on ABC.