Bob Harper is known for his extremely healthy lifestyle. That is why it came as quite a shock when he had experienced a heart attack as he was working out in the gym. This was definitely not a mild heart attack by any means, but one that almost took his life. "The Biggest Loser" coach is now speaking out on what it was like to have a near-death experience and how it has changed his life now.

His almost-tragedy explained

Harper made an appearance on "The Today Show" on Tuesday talking about the day that he almost died. He said that he was basically dead on the ground after he collapsed and went into full-Cardiac Arrest just minutes after he completed his workout.

He also stopped breathing at that moment. Thankfully, there were doctors nearby who came to the rescue and had kept him alive by performing CPR and using a defibrillator on him until the paramedics took over.

Bob Harper apparently doesn't remember much at all between the time that he went into cardiac arrest until he woke up in his hospital bed. He mentioned the fact that he was very confused. The star of "The Biggest Loser" spilled that at the time of his ordeal, there was only a six-percent survival rate and that his life was spared only by the chance that there were doctors there who knew exactly what to do to keep him alive

His difficult road to recovery

It has only been two months since his health crisis, but Harper isn't taking anything for granted now.

With rehab he is currently doing, he says that he is feeling pretty good these days. However, he is having some emotional moments with having almost died. He admitted that it has been difficult to face his mortality, but that it has given him the opportunity to appreciate his life and the people in it a lot more.

Given that he is only 51-years-old and leads a pretty healthy lifestyle, it is a shocker that Bob Harper suffered a heart attack so violently.

Even though he didn't come right out and say that heart issues run in his family, he did say stress how genetics plays a big part in your own health. He also opened up that he had been experiencing some dizziness before that, but then brushed it off. He says that he is now more aware of taking what his body says more seriously.

Because Harper is speaking out on his near-death experience, this could help others to know that they need to be aware of what their body is telling them. This proves that just because someone is fit and eats right doesn't mean that they can't have heart issues like anyone else. Thankfully, Bob Harper is alive right now to be able to share his story.