Last month, Rob Kardashian went on a rant on social media and posted the mother of his child, Blac Chyna's, nude photos. The pictures were posted after Rob says that Chyna sent him a video of her in bed with another guy. Chyna said, that the reason she sent the video to her daughter's father was that she wanted him to see that she was over him and thought that would be the only way he would get the memo. Rob's retaliation would get him a served with a temporary restraining order from a judge to stay away from Chyna and prevent him from posting anything on social media about her as well.

Chyna has vowed that there's nothing her ex can do to salvage what it appeared they once had. Now, the former couple is in court trying to come up with a custody agreement for their daughter Dream. TMZ reported Thursday, in court, it was discovered that Chyna surprisingly makes more dough than Rob. However, neither of the two are seeking child support payments. Unfortunately, for Chyna, if the two were to ever go to court for the matter, Rob reportedly would be the one that needed the support.

What does Chyna do to make ends meet?

Prior to dating celebrities like Rob and rapper Tyga, Blac Chyna was a well-known urban model.

Her dancing skills are what eventually got her noticed by Tyga in his early Young Money days and eventually led to the two having a son together by the name of King. When she began to date Rob after her split with Tyga, the Kardashian ties gave her name a major boost in popularity, which now makes her face a money maker for club appearances.

Chyna reportedly makes a good living for these appearances and hosting gigs. Last month, after the chaos with Rob was settled in court, her first gig came at her former gig in WeHo, Ace of Diamonds. The hosting event brought her an easy 10k for her appearance. Since then, she appears to be on a consistent grind and has not allowed the drama with Kardashian stop her from making her coins.

How does Rob make a living?

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have used their family's hit show on E! to promote their careers and keep fans posted with what's going on in their daily lives. Rob, however, has not done the same. Besides his income from the show, it is really unclear of else he does to make a living for himself. Despite this, he never seems to want or need for anything and has even boasted via social media about spending a quarter of a million bucks on jewelry for his former love.

Fortunately for Rob, all he has to worry about for now is taking care of himself and his daughter financially, while he tries to get his life back on track after the mayhem.