Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are besties and they do a lot of things at the same time. Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ? That’s up to you. But they both went to Instagram this week to show viewers just what that sexy backless black bra can really do for your cleavage.

Chyna and bestie Rose have shown off their incredible cleavage while testing out “magic” strapless and backless bras on Instagram. Fans went wild with thousands of comments.

Amber Rose is seductive

Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West looked seductively into her camera as she adjusted the girls in that black bra.

She said it might be a tad NSFW but noted that she was not at work so it wasn’t an issue for her!

Kanye West’s tattooed ex Amber looks seductively at the camera in her video as she undresses and adjusts her giant breasts. She encouraged her fans (or “rosebuds” as both Amber Rose and Blac Chyna call their followers) to join in a hot girls night. 33-year-old Amber promoted the name of the producers of the cleavage enhancing bra and suggested that the rosebuds follow up with their own demonstrations.

Blac Chyna shows off her piercing

Blac Chyna was up next. The 29-year-old, sporting some sexy pink hair, was up next. She used a mirror for her demonstration and accidentally showed off her piercings – and not a belly button piercing!

Amber and Blac have been friends for a long time, as The Sun reminds us, so it is unlikely that they were competing with each other. It’s more likely that they were both approached by Sneaky Vaunt, the producers of the strapless bras, and asked to do sponsored posts, as Pop Culture suggests.

Chyna and Rose are such intimate friends that they have even been known to kiss at public events.

And then there are the ongoing feuds that each of them has with the Kardashian clan. Tyga was Blac Chyna’s boyfriend before he was with Kylie Jenner and on top of that, she has a baby with Rob Kardashian. Amber Rose had Kanye before Kim Kardashian got him.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are both single moms

The other thing that Amber and Blac have another thing in common, too.

They are both single moms with little ones that depend on them. Some might fault them for the things that they do on Instagram, but really, they are just trying to support their kids and give them the best life that they can. Who can be upset with them for that?

Blac Chyna’s video got 720,000 views but Amber Rose’s video was seen 1.5 million times! Between the two of them that is a lot of exposure for Sneaky Vaunt.

So, what do you think of Blac and Amber's demonstrations of the sexy, cleavage revealing black bra? Sound off in the comments!