Celebrity life is interesting. You can trend for just showing your thigh or just posting a poop emoji on Donald Trump’s wall. You give life to websites, they flourish by reporting what you are up to, that you no longer take a bath, you still think about your ex, and many other stories, just to make them juicier for their audience. It gets more interesting when celebrities fight and throw tantrums before the eyes of their loyal fans. Drake and Chris Brown are it again. The reason, their ex, Rihanna herself.

Chris Brown recently commented on her Instagram post

Well, we all know Rihanna is so good at what she does, and she is magnificently endowed. Her curves, sound, and her photos drive the internet crazy. On the hand, Chris Brown is seen as the absolute worst. He hasn’t been able to handle his manners. We all know that is true. We didn’t have to face those facts once again after Rihanna’s Instagram photo.

In case you were unaware, Rihanna attended the Crop Over Festival in Barbados, the beautiful island she hails from. Being the Rihanna we know, she enjoyed the moments, took amazing photos, and shared them with her fans on Instagram, and apparently, the world wide web went crazy. Royalty’s papa, Chris Brown who doesn’t think twice, before making a move decided to comment on the photo.

To be honest, Breezy’s comment, the googly eyes emoji, wouldn’t have triggered such a reaction, but being a celebrity and Rihanna’s ex, he broke the internet. Rihanna didn’t need his approval and the flirty emoji. Neither did the internet. Rihanna’s loyal fans trolled Chris Brown and warned him to put his negative energy away from Ms.

Fenty. Guess who else wasn’t happy? You know right? Drake.

Drake was not happy with Chris Brown

Based on a report from Hollywood Life, Drake, just like anybody else who dislikes Chris didn’t approve his comment at all. He called Brizzy’s behavior sad, lonely and desperate. Even though Drake isn’t dating Rihanna anymore, he still loves and protects her.

He further said Brown should grow up and move on from Rihanna.

Drizzy further joked that if Chris didn’t check his moves, he would get another restraining order. But honestly speaking, would Rihanna get a restraining order to bar Brown from commenting on her posts? Bottomline, Drake feels for her and is willing to put Chris at bay if RiRi feels uncomfortable.

That’s all her fans needed to hear. After all this drama, Chris should learn his lesson and keep off Rihanna’s posts, or at least avoid commenting. Wouldn’t you want to be like Rihanna? Your exes exchanging blows because of you. I’m talking to you girls, and the exes that still love you crazily, like Drake loves Rihanna.