Big Brother 19” spoilers reveal who won the Power Of Veto this week. The Week 6 Veto results were leaked to the live feeds on Saturday, August 5, giving viewers a chance to see who has the power this week. It is certainly something that could shake up the “BB19” house as the weekend continues, especially since the winner of the Power of Veto was one of the eviction targets.

Taking a step back, Josh Martinez won the Head Of Household Competition this week. Almost immediately after he won it, Josh told Kevin Schlehuber and Christmas Abbott who he wants to get evicted this week.

That person is Elena Davies.

After Cody Nickson won the Temptation Competition and Jessica Graf became the third nominee, Josh revealed his nominations were Elena and Mark Jansen. Those were intense “Big Brother 19” spoilers.

Who won the Power of Veto?

Joining Josh Martinez, Jessica Graf, Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies in the Veto Competition were Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow. Christmas used the Ring of Replacement to get a spot in the competition, possibly seeing it as a way to actually make a game-changing move this season. In the end, though, it was Mark Jansen who ended up winning the Power of Veto.

At the Veto Ceremony, Mark can now save himself from the block, but that move comes with risks.

If Mark takes himself down, the other half of his showmance (Elena Davies) would have to remain on the block. That would be tough for him in the game, especially since she is one of his few allies left in the “BB19” house.

What will happen next with the ‘BB19’ cast?

Several houseguests are trying to convince Mark Jansen to not use the Power of Veto.

That would help those “other” houseguests because if Josh Martinez has to name a replacement nominee, it would have to be someone from his own alliance. When those “Big Brother 19” spoilers hit the internet on Monday, August 7 it is certainly going to cause a lot of drama. It's also becoming more likely that Josh will need to ask someone to be a pawn so that he doesn't look bad.

So what should Mark do? The smart move is to use the Veto to save himself and put have someone else go up on the block. If nothing else, at least that would create a crack in the foundation of the primary alliance. That could be something to manipulate later on if Mark Jansen, Cody Nickson, or Jessica Graf win the next Head of Household Competition. There are definitely a lot of “Big Brother 19” spoilers to make the next few episodes on CBS very exciting now.