Big Brother 19” spoilers about what Josh Martinez might do this week have been coming out on the live feeds. Following the Halting Hex getting used on Thursday night (August 3), Josh won the Head of Household Competition to take over all the power. He then immediately began discussing with other houseguests what his plans could be for the Nomination Ceremony.

Kevin Schlehuber approached Josh, letting him know that he should target the two showmances this week. Kevin talked about how important it would be to split up Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf as well as Mark Jansen and Elena Davies.

This may be an obvious game move for fans watching on the BB19” live feeds, but Josh needs a lot of coaching in the game. It wasn’t Kevin who ended up bending his ear enough though.

Who is the primary eviction target of Josh Martinez?

As expressed in a conversation that Josh had with Christmas Abbott, he wants to evict Elena Davies this week. These “Big Brother 19” spoilers may seem really surprising, as Josh has been flirting with Elena for most of the summer. Even recently it seemed like Elena had Josh wrapped around her pinky finger and that the new HOH was willing to do anything she asked of him. That might have just changed.

With some really large targets in the form of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, these could be considered shocking “Big Brother 19” spoilers for the CBS television audience.

There has been no animosity between Josh Martinez and Elena Davies during the past episodes and there may not have even been an instance where they were shown speaking on camera. That will change if she loses the Temptation Competition.

Will Josh’s alliance allow him to target Elena for eviction?

With all of the misinformation that Jessica Graf spread around the “BB19” house in regard to her Halting Hex temptation, most of the other houseguests have turned against her.

Alex Ow and Raven Walton really want her out of the house now. Jessica also reacted to the possible threat that Alex poses by simply being in the game, discussing with Mark Jansen and Cody Nickson how she wanted the trio to go drown Alex in the hot tub.

Jessica and Cody are definitely bigger targets in the house, but the showmance of Mark and Elena is almost as dangerous to the primary alliance.

If Josh did work to break up Mark and Elena, it wouldn’t harm Paul Abrahamian, Alex Ow, or Christmas Abbott. This means they might just let Josh go ahead with his plan, as it would save them from getting blood on their own hands. How these “Big Brother 19” spoilers will all play out is also contingent on the Temptation Competition results from Friday.