"Big Brother 19" had no live eviction tonight when Jessica used the Halting Hex. Things only got stranger when Josh won the coveted Head Of Household. When Julie asked him what he was looking forward to getting the most, the self-proclaimed mama's boy said his mother's letter.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Josh holding power in the "Big Brother" house is a stretch from where he was heading in the first couple of weeks of the game. Week one he accepted a temptation in the Head of Household competition that eliminated his entire team from the competition.

He then turned on Megan and began screaming. Josh spent all of that week and most of the next being overly emotional. All of this made him quite a good target. No one wants cray-cray sleeping in the bed next to theirs and the houseguests wanted him out.

They took him under their wing

Paul and the gang quickly realized that Josh needed to be part of a group and he would do whatever they wanted. Relationships were formed and Josh is part of the in-crowd. That was further seen tonight when Paul congratulated him with a bear hug. Jody knows too, as they went through the motions of a high-five with the new HOH.

This week Josh will be selecting the nominees for eviction. It would be a shock if Jessica and Cody weren't the ones in the dreaded seats again this week.

Jessica tried to get Josh out when she was HOH but the "Big Brother" house flipped on her, sending Ramses home instead. If Josh had to pick a replacement nominee, Mark is another one he has a beef with. Josh will be naming the Have Nots for the week as well. Those names should be the same as the ones mentioned for eviction -- Cody, Jessica, and Mark.

The circus continues

Josh had a lot of fun being the one to make all the noise, banging pots and pans while singing. Paul wanted to drive Jody nuts and unleashed Josh on them. Apparently, now that Josh holds the power, he plans to continue with this plan. He has already told production that everyone would need earplugs because it was going to get loud in the "Big Brother" house.

Alex, one of Josh's allies, is already confronting Mark about his loyalty to Jody. She knows that Mark has to be nervous with his nemesis in power. Alex decided it was the perfect time to call him out on his loyalty to Cody. Mark isn't public enemy number one in the "Big Brother" house, however.