Milo Ventimiglia has become the ideal man of those who have been watching him in "This Is Us" where he plays the character of Jack Pearson. His role specifically caught the attention of viewers for being so loving to his wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and children Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

Of playing the role of Jack in 'This Is Us'

When asked how this perception of him has affected his personal life, the 40-year-old actor admitted that it was painful for him to see how some people compare their real-life partners to the fictional character.

Milo Ventimiglia revealed he has heard of people wishing their partners were like Jack Pearson or wishing their partners would do the things that the character would do. "And I’m like, Jack’s not real," he told ET Online.

He went on and asked his fans to realize that Jack Pearson is a work of fiction, and reminded them to appreciate the people in their lives.

What to expect from 'This Is Us' season 2?

Unlike his usual Jack Pearson look in "This Is Us" season 1, Milo Ventimiglia sported a clean-shaven look at their recent press tour. He later revealed that he is currently filming scenes which feature the young version of Jack Pearson.

The former "Gilmore Girls" star also opened up what he would like to happen between the Pearson couple in "This Is Us" season 2.

Milo Ventimiglia said he is hoping for better days for Rebecca and Jack after the viewers saw how things turned out for the pair during the final moments of the opening run.

He added that even Mandy Moore shared the same sentiment and wanted the on-screen couple to rekindle their relationship and relive those happy moments. At some point of playing their heavy scenes, both actors would even wish to portray lighter moments.

Milo Ventimiglia, however, considered his on-screen fight with Mandy Moore as "one of the most satisfying scenes" he has done for the NBC series. He even thanked their executive producer, Ken Olin, for giving them enough time and opportunity to pour out their emotions for that particular scene.

The actor also admitted that he could relate to his character's disposition of choosing to live in the moment.

"Jack really loves his wife and his kids. He sometimes makes bad decisions, but he lives in the moment.”

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and the rest of the cast members will return for "This Is Us" season 2 on September 27.