Big Brother 19” rumors from the weekend suggest Jason Dent is about to make a bold game move. This might just shake things up inside the “BB19” house in a fashion that the show has needed for a few weeks now. It won’t be as bold as seeing Jason target someone like Paul Abrahamian, but at least he is breaking away from the “easy” eviction targets that have caused some fans to call the show boring this summer.

Jason Dent is the new Head of Household, a piece of information that was revealed on the CBS live feeds late Thursday night (Aug. 24). He won an endurance competition that didn’t get completed during the eviction episode that saw Mark Jansen sent to become a member of the “BB19” jury.

Immediately there were a number of “Big Brother 19” rumors about which direction Jason would take with his nomination choices.

Who is Jason’s target for eviction now?

Web site Joker’s Updates has confirmed that Jason Dent wants to see Matt Clines sent to the “BB19” jury at the August 31 Eviction Ceremony. Jason nominated Raven Walton and Matt Clines for eviction, with the alternate plan available to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber if the opportunity came up this week. That opportunity was there when Jason also won the Power of Veto, but he isn’t going to go with that particular plan.

Working with Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian, Jason is going to pass on using the Power of Veto, keeping the nominations the same this week.

It means that either Raven Walton or Matt Clines is about to get evicted, saving Kevin Schlehuber from even going on the block. These “Big Brother 19” rumors seem to stem from Jason’s friendship with Kevin and not wanting to anger three potential members of the “BB19” jury in the same week.

Raven Walton and Matt Clines won’t be pleased

Raven and Matt are still convinced that they are part of the larger alliance that is running the “BB19” house this summer. They have been in the dark nearly all summer and missed the chance to team up with people like Mark Jansen and Elena Davies. Instead, they have played it safe, helping out Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow at every step.

Now they could be joining the “BB19” jury in successive weeks.

While it had seemed like the plan for Jason, Alex, and Paul was to get Kevin Schlehuber out this week, the tactic of going after Raven Walton and Matt Clines will help their personal games much more. Kevin is not a threat in the competitions and won’t be able to save himself later in the season unless he gets lucky in one of the challenges. The “BB19” house still needs to host the Week 9 Veto Ceremony, but the latest “Big Brother 19” rumors seem set in stone with Jason Dent keeping the Power of Veto in his pocket.