A feud has begun between directors James Cameron and Patty Jenkins as Cameron gave his opinion of the movie "Wonder Woman." It is clear that the directors have very different opinions when it comes to what makes a Strong Female Character. Jenkins has taken Cameron's comments to heart and has struck back at the director with an intelligently composed message.

James Cameron shared his views on the movie 'Wonder Woman'

According to Comic Book Movie, James Cameron recently shared his personal opinions about the hit movie "Wonder Woman" and stated that he believes the movie takes women's role in the movie industry backward.

Cameron was not shy about what he thought and bluntly stated that all of the praise "Wonder Woman" has received has been severely misguided.

The director did not stop there and went on to say that, this version of "Wonder Woman" is an objectified icon and that he did not enjoy the movie for this reason. He compared actor Gal Gadot to Sarah Connor who was a strong female character in the movie "Terminator." Cameron stated that Sarah was not a beauty and brought an intricate depth to the female superhero.

In a report by IGN, Cameron talked about the comparisons between the actor's representations of "Wonder Woman" in more depth. It is clear that the director believes that Gal Gadot is simply a beauty icon and nothing more.

He believes that Sarah Connor earned the respect of the audience through her true grit and by the fact that she was a flawed character and terrible mother.

Patty Jenkins did not hesitate to set the record straight

Cameron's comments have deeply offended the director of "Wonder Woman" Patty Jenkins who is very proud of the work that she put into the movie.

Jenkins had some choice words for James Cameron and let them be known by posting a response to her social media for all to see.

According to IGN, Jenkins posted her message defending the movie to her Instagram and stated that James Cameron cannot understand the meaning of the character of Wonder Woman because he is not a woman.

Jenkins stated that his evaluation of strong female characters was greatly appreciated but that his opinions of "Wonder Woman" are misguided.

She stated that women do not have to constantly be troubled or tough to be strong. She claimed that this is the main problem facing Hollywood these days as there are not enough multi-dimensional roles being given to female characters. Jenkins claimed that there is no right or wrong way to be a strong and powerful woman.

Fans have actively supported Patty Jenkins response to James Cameron's critique of the movie. Cameron has not yet responded to Jenkins message and fans are waiting to see what happens next.