"Game of Thrones" third episode, "The Queen's Justice" premiered today and we were enthralled to finally watch the encounter of Ice with Fire. Shortly after the big episode, we were graced with a little sneak peek into the fourth installment of the season titled "The Spoils of War" and the teaser video left us to suffer from curiosity for the next seven days.

The fresh preview seems like a solid episode with many appalling events that seem to mostly side with Cersei Lannister but the badass trailer also included the tiny moment that left all the Winterfell wolves excited and thrilled.

About the Stark detail in the trailer

The little flash unveiled that the Lady of Winterfell, Arya Stark is close to her homeland and the preview shows Arya mounted on her horse on the top of a hill that is covered with snow and as we already know winter has already invaded Winterfell, chances are very high that we would be honored with a beautiful reunion of the Starks.

The return of Arya Stark to Winterfell was inevitable as we previously saw her changing her route in episode 2 "Stormborm" after her conversation with Hot Pie. The brave girl looked amazed and started when Hot Pie told her about the triumph of her brother Jon Snow over the Bolton's in the Battle of Bastards.

We already witnessed the touching reunification of Brandon and Sansa in the third episode of the season 7 and relished the heartwarming scene with tears of joy.

It will be fascinating to watch the reactions of both sisters when they encounter each other after a long time and in the completely new situation. It seems like the long disunion of the Starks of Winterfell has finally come to an end. It will be compelling to see Arya's role in the great war between the living and the dead.

The newly acquired abilities of Arya Stark will be put to the test and we hope that her skills might be helpful in defeating the army of the dead.

More about 'The spoils of war' Preview

The latest trailer for the fourth episode presents a complete turn of events in the show. It displays an irritated Daenerys Targaryen quoting that she has lost all her allies.

The preview also shows a calm and composed Cersei talking to the employee of Iron Bank, Tycho Nestoris and Jamie taking the gold from House Tyrell.

The thirty-one-second trailer exhibits some tiny scenes of Sansa, Brienne, Theon, Jon, Lord Baelish and Podrick. The preview concludes with one of Dany's dragons soaring high up in the sky.