Big Brother 19 contestant Elena Davies may have prematurely ended her time in the CBS summertime house, but she still has some power—and she plans to use it wisely. In an interview with Parade, Davies revealed that she was extremely turned off by the way hothead houseguest Josh Martinez played the “Big Brother” game, and she especially took issue with how he tried to run an argument. Elena also revealed that Josh has “absolutely burned a bridge” with her, which pretty much means he won’t be getting her vote should he make it to the Final 2 in the “Big Brother” competition.

Elena’s biggest beef with her ‘Big Brother’ nemesis

Elena Davies told Parade that Josh Martinez seems to think he can get away with whatever he wants in an argument and that he plays the sad apology game behind closed doors afterwards. Davies revealed that she doesn’t operate that way, and said she doesn’t appreciate Josh blowing up at her in front of a group of people then trying to do damage control and patch things up in private later. Elena said she chose to deal with Josh in a “direct” manner in the “Big Brother” house, something she thinks he isn’t used to. Elena Davies added that she has no plans to continue any type of relationship with Josh Martinez outside of the “Big Brother” game.

An ‘irrational human’

This is not the first time Elena Davies has had harsh words about Josh Martinez. In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elena revealed that Josh is a “frustrating” person to have a conversation with. Davies even described Martinez as “an irrational human.” The evicted “Big Brother” houseguest added that sometimes when Josh talked to her she couldn’t even process what he was saying because it made no sense.

Elena even described Josh as "a walking contradiction,” and she said talking to him gives her acid reflux.

Josh Martinez also burnt a bridge with the other current “Big Brother 19” juror, Cody Nickson. Josh was responsible for evicting Nickson’s “Big Brother” girlfriend, Jessica Graf, and that, coupled with his pots and pans clanging and annoying circus tune, probably won’t earn him Cody’s vote on “Big Brother” finale night.

It will be interesting to see if Josh Martinez makes it further in the “Big Brother” game.

“Big Brother 19” airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays on CBS. Elena Davies and Cody Nickson will be back to cast their votes on “Big Brother” finale night in September.