"Big Brother 19" houseguests often walk out of the game looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Jessica Graf has quickly decided to take advantage of her new-found name recognition to try and launch a career. By the looks of things, she hopes that it works for both her and Cody.

"Big Brother 19" fans saw an edit by CBS that showed a couple that only had each other to depend on. They appeared to be under constant attack by the other houseguests and even bullied at times. The fans with live feeds can fill in the blanks and tell a different story, however.

Cody alienated the entire house during week one when he was HOH and went rogue. Even Jessica had to struggle with making a decision to stay by his side with the chaos he had created.

Would she have made it further without Cody?

During the week that Cody was out of the house before the Battle Back was held, Jessica was developing relationships and was getting on more solid ground in the game. When he returned, the two went right back to how they had been before. They isolated and refused to even try to work with any person or group in the "Big Brother 19" house.

Jessica was the final "Big Brother 19" houseguest evicted that won't be going to the Jury House. That gives her the next few weeks to get things ready for her and Cody to start their relationship outside of the house.

She has is working on social media outreach to their fans.

Jessica's Instagram account is under the user name @thejessicagraf and her Twitter and email are jessicagrafbookings. There are tons of posts from fans, and tons of posts from non-fans as well. One fan advised her not to respond to the negative comments. CBS is monitoring social media and if Jessica does strike back, it could have a negative effect on her getting a shot at another show or being invited back to compete on "Big Brother" in the future.

With all the controversy around Jody, it is highly doubtful they would be invited back, however.

What about the pregnancy rumor?

There has been no word on a pregnancy for Jody. The two had talked on the live feeds about the possibility of her being pregnant and names for their child. Both have said seperately that they plan on remaining together once "Big Brother 19" is over.

In an interview, Jessica had talked about splitting their time between their two homes rather than having a long distance relationship.

What do you think of Jessica soliciting bookings now that she has been evicted from the "Big Brother 19" house? Do you think she has a following that would pay to see her as she tries to capitalize on her recent round of reality TV stardom? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.