The first "Big Brother 19" showmance has taken over the live feeds in the "BB19" house. Late Thursday night (June 29), CBS finally turned on the live feeds, giving subscribers an in-depth look at the "BB19" cast. Immediately, the first showmance could be seen, as they were cuddling and kissing in the HOH room. That might be a huge hint, along with the picture posted above, about who makes up the first "Big Brother 19" showmance.

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf cannot seem to keep their hands off of each other this season. This might not be too surprising to fans of the show, as both Cody and Jessica had commented about the looks of the other one during the season premiere.

Now it seems that they have made it official, likely taking into account that this could also help further their personal games this season. Can Cody and Jessica become a powerful couple in the house?

Will the 'Big Brother 19' showmances help the houseguests?

In addition to Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf spending a lot of time together in the house, so are Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton. While this doesn't necessarily mean that Paul and Raven are the second "Big Brother 19" showmance, it certainly has them getting mentioned a lot on social media together. At this point, it would be safe to state that they are really good friends already, with the possibility of something developing further between them.

While the first "Big Brother 19" showmances might draw in additional viewers to the CBS live feeds, it's also possible that Cody and Jessica could turn out to be villains this season. There is a lot of chatter from Jillian Parker and Alex Ow about disliking Jessica and the way that she has acted toward other houseguests. Of particular interest is how Jessica acted toward Megan Lowder, who is part of some "Big Brother 19" spoilers coming up in this article.

Early 'Big Brother 19' spoilers making waves among 'BB19' cast members

There were some huge revelations in the house that evolved past the introduction of several "Big Brother 19" showmances. It seems that Megan Lowder self-evicted, possibly due to a terrible conversation with Jessica Graf that may have included Megan getting caught in a lie.

This is very unclear from the second-hand information on the live feeds, but it is definitely a fact that Megan Lowder joined Cameron Heard as the first two evicted houseguests this summer.

The other notable "Big Brother 19" showmance may include Christmas Abbott and Mark Jansen. These are the two (very) muscular houseguests who seem like a perfect pairing. It's possible that Christmas is just flirting with Mark to gain favor in the game, but Mark is certainly showing that he really likes the cross-fit champion. Watching that relationship develop over the next few weeks could certainly be very interesting.

It seems that the "Big Brother 19" showmance between Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson could be bad for their personal games, as it has made them targets for the single people in the BB19" house, but while they are in power, they appear to have all the control over this cast.