"Big Brother 19" fans love the live feeds and keeping up with the houseguests every move. The scheming, the strategizing, the manipulation - and it all can change on a dime. That is why the live feeds are so critical in keeping up with how things are progressing. It fills in all the gaps for the fans.

CBS has warned us all week that the feeds would go down for an extended period at the end of the week. That coincides with what we know is happening. The "Big Brother 19" cast also has stated that they are expecting a double eviction to take place tonight.

When will the feeds be back?

The live feeds were taken down just before 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. They are not expected to return until after the extra show what is scheduled for Friday night. In the meantime, fans can watch a week's worth of "Big Brother" happen in one night. There will be a live eviction, with Cody being the one targeted by the house. Next, there will be a Head Of Household, nominees named immediately, selection of Power of Veto players, the POV, the POV ceremony, and finally another live eviction. That will be all the duties for a week completed for an HOH and time to crown the next one. That is where the loss of live feeds starts to hurt a little for the die-hard fans.

We need Jury House live feeds too!

At some point, the next Head of Household competition will be held. According to "TV Guide," the show tomorrow night will have the new HOH getting their room. There has been a lot of speculation of what else may be shown. It could be a clip show for ratings filling in the time after the completion of the HOH competition.

There should also be a clip of the second houseguest arriving at the Jury House to be Cody's first roommate. We are quickly coming into the part of the summer where "Big Brother 19" fans may wish they had live feeds for the jury rather than the house.

As for where things stand in the house, as the time the feeds went down not much had changed.

Cody remained public enemy number one. Elena knows that Cody's sitting next to her is the only thing that is keeping her safe and she is nervous.

Paul Abrahamian knew it was time to change his angle on the game and told Alex and Jason he couldn't win the game. Before that conversation was over, Jason told him it would be an honor to lose to him. What?! That is $500,000 we are talking about, not a trophy that will just gather dust.

Team Paul is solid on Alex, Jason, and Josh for now. They are looking at Kevin, Christmas, Marlena, and Maven as disposable. Kevin is top on that list so "Big Brother 19" fans may be in for a jaw dropper tonight.