Celebrities love children. Most of the big names in Hollywood have been involved in charity work meant to help children. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not left out. The love they have for their kids is admirable, and they are planning to have a third Child, and people are convinced that they have chosen surrogacy.

It was rumored that Kimye had hired a surrogate

Some weeks back, it was reported that Kim and Kanye had hired a surrogate mum who would deliver their third child. This was because Kim had been diagnosed with placenta accrete and it wasn’t safe for her to be pregnant again.

Kim had said at the time that it was dangerous for her, even though Kanye was mentioning about having a third baby for over a week. Kim was also interested in expanding her family. But the doctor ruled out the possibility of her being physically pregnant.

The rumor that Kim Kardashian had hired a surrogate spread all over the internet. Some even claimed that the surrogate mother would deliver a child at the end of the year. Now Kim is putting the rumor to a halt. Kim, her mom and sisters, cover the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter in celebration of what the magazine has titled “the Kardashian decade.”

Kim says she is planning to have a third child

In the magazine, Kim doesn’t talk about them having a surrogate but reveals she is expecting a baby in future.

She stated that they knew a lot of things were being said and she hadn’t confirmed anything. She admitted that they were trying to have a child and their hopes are high. Kim didn’t discuss further the surrogate rumors, and it looks like the whole story was exaggerated.

Kim also said her wish was to expand her family and be assured of her their safety in her home so that in case she died, her kids would have a home and a support system that would cater to them until they become adults.

Placenta accrete is a condition where the placenta develops into the womb’s wall and prevents it from detaching during birth.

She narrated how the doctor stuck his entire arm in her and detached the placenta, scraping it away from her uterus with his fingernails. It was the most painful part of her life. Her mom had never seen anything like that before, and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

The pain of a child is also felt by the mother.

Kris Jenner had offered to be her daughter’s surrogate after knowing she wasn’t safe for a third child. Kourtney had also offered to be Kim’s surrogate. But there were new rumors that Kimye had hired a surrogate mum. But since Kim has denied it, the world has been left confused on how Kim will have her third child.