Tommy and Ghost will try to get retribution after a major tragedy takes place! Tasha looks to a very unlikely person for help to prevent a disaster. Angela launches her own independent investigation into Ghost’s activities and more in this "Power" finale episode 10 of the current season 4.

You can’t fix this

Along with their description, STARZ revealed that this episode is titled,” You Can't Fix This.” At some point, we’re going to see a major tragedy happen to the St. Patrick family. This will prompt Ghost and Tommy to formulate a plan to get vengeance on whoever was responsible.

What is this major tragedy? That’s the big question for this storyline. It definitely sounds like a situation that could turn really violent and dramatic depending on what Ghost and Tommy try to do.

Next, they revealed that Tasha will be extremely busy trying to make sure she keeps things together at home. Unfortunately, she is going to get slammed with another situation that could cause a major disaster if she doesn’t prevent it.

This will prompt her to seek some help from a person that she least expected. Will this person provide the assistance that she needs? What is this crazy disaster that she needs to prevent? Those are some important questions for this scenario. It definitely sounds like that storyline will provide plenty of drama and intrigue.

There’s no doubt about that.

Angela launches her own investigation

In this third teaser spoiler, it’s revealed that Angela will be very busy as well. It turns out that whatever Ghost is currently doing will definitely have her attention. She will be prompted to launch her own independent investigation. She will use her own skills and resources to try and figure out what Ghost is hiding.

Will Angela be able to pull it off? Or will she fail miserably? Those are some significant questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered. This definitely sounds like a storyline that they could possibly leave hanging since the show has officially been renewed for a new season 5.

It just depends on when they filmed this episode.

If they filmed it after learning they were renewed, it’s most likely they’ll leave some of these storylines with unanswered questions. If they filmed it before finding out they were renewed, it’ll depend on how confident the producers were that they would get renewed. Whatever the case, it sounds like this Angela investigation will be an ongoing situation.

An old friend

This final teaser revealed that an old friend is going to arrive at some point. They didn’t mention who this person is a friend of so, that will remain to be seen. However, they did say this person will herald a call to war. So, that sounds quite intense. The big question is who is this friend? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

It’s confirmed that the season 4 finale episode 10 is scheduled to air next Sunday night, August 27, 2017 at 8 pm central standard time on STARZ. Stay tuned.