Jason Hoppy has a serious problem when he comes to his ex-wife, bethenny frankel. Something went wrong after she announced that she was divorcing him a couple years ago. At the time, she was not filming “The Real Housewives of New York” and they had just wrapped up their own reality show, “Bethenny Ever After.”

It sounds like he had been upset over the fact that she chose to divorce him without staying married and working on their issues. Bethenny has revealed that her marriage was toxic and that he would make her feel bad about all kinds of things in their marriage.

But she never expected things to take an ugly turn, especially in regards to stalking and harassment. It just seems like he can't let her go, even though the divorce has been finalized.

The judge hits ex-husband with serious charges

Back in January, Jason Hoppy was charged with various counts of harassment and stalking. This week, he went to court to defend himself but learned that he is now facing more stalking charges. It sounds like the judge doesn't believe that he is taking the charges seriously and he needs to be warned in regards to how he is around his ex-wife. He has previously pleaded not guilty to the charges he faced in January.

Even though Jason had moved on at one point and was dating other women, it sounds like he just can't let Bethenny go.

He supposedly told her that he wanted to destroy her, and it sounds like he's very serious about that since he is now being charged with stalking.

Bethenny hasn't said anything in regards to these new charges, but she is active on social media talking about Wednesday's episode of “The Real Housewives of New York.” It was during this episode that fans started to learn more about the stalking charges as they happened back in January.

One can imagine that she's completely devastated over the fact that they can't be cordial to one another because of their daughter Bryn.

Custody schedule still unaffected despite charges

They still share custody of her and it sounds like things are going alright, even though they are no longer speaking to one another. In other words, Bryn is never going to see her parents in the same room again, especially after the new stalking charges.

Many of her followers have questions in regards to Jason's mental health, and they all believe that he may be suffering from something.

One thing is for sure; no sane person will threaten to destroy someone and then face this many stalking and harassment charges from the courts and be completely innocent. Something must have happened to make the courts add more charges.

What do you think about Jason Hoppy's behavior towards his ex-wife, Bethenny Frankel? Are you surprised that he's being charged with additional harassment and stalking charges in this case?