There were recent rumors that a “Batgirl” movie is in the works, and “Avengers” director joss whedon was revealed to be the man behind the pitch, Variety reported. Batgirl has appeared in “Batman And Robin,” and actress Alicia Silverstone portrayed the character of the female superhero.

DC has been entertaining pitches from various directors, with regards to possible movie productions that will be made in the future. Among those that recently came forward were spin-off movies for "The Joker" and a "Batman" stand-alone film.

Surprisingly though, Batgirl was not been mentioned in the previous pitches despite being a renowned female superhero in the comic books.

It only came out when director Whedon “confessed his love for Barbara Gordon,” and pitched the movie to DC, Variety added.

The report said the director is now developing a movie that will tell the story of Batgirl. This upcoming film will not be part of the new DC universe or the extended world. The company is expected to make their new films beyond the storylines where “Batman v Superman” and “Man of Steel” existed.

‘Batgirl’ stand-alone movie

Information about the release date, story, and cast for the rumored “Batgirl” movie are still hazy right now, also because there are a lot of DC movies coming soon. But there are several good reasons why Batgirl can be turned into a successful film franchise, Pursue News reported.

First, the female superhero has a substantial history in the comic books. She has been connected with Batman for the most part, but this does not mean that she does not have her own set of adventures and storyline, the report added.

In Joel Schumacher's “Batman and Robin,” Barbara Gordon was introduced as a new girl in town who resided with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson at the Wayne Manor.

She eventually learned about the secrets of the Bat Cave, and later transformed to become Batgirl.

Whedon for ‘Justice League’

Whedon has recently taken over the directorial duties left by Zack Snyder in the upcoming “Justice League” movie. He has been doing some re-shoots and re-filming for the movie’s post-production phase before it officially debuts in theaters this November.

This has been pinpointed as one of the reasons why the development of the “Batgirl” film has slowed down. But as the release date of “Justice League” approaches, the director is expected to be cleared of tasks so he can focus on working with the stand-alone movie.