Academy Award-winning actor Ben Affleck is reportedly bowing out of the “The Batman” franchise after his brother, Casey Affleck, revealed that he is not going to do the movie, Screen Rant reported. Ben’s brother was recently interviewed WEEI Sports Radio Network.

Casey said that he does not think Ben Affleck is doing “The Batmanmovie, adding that he portrayed a great role in the previous films. It was earlier reported that Ben is coming back for the stand-alone movie, but things are turning upside down with this new update.

“I thought [Ben] was a great Batman.

He is a hero, so he had something to source out and work from there. But he is not going to do the film, I do not think so. Sorry to say,” Casey Affleck revealed in the interview, Screen Rant reported.

Ben has been portraying the role of Batman since he was cast for “Batman V Superman.” The article noted that from the time he was cast for the role four years ago, the star has appeared in the movie “Suicide Squad” and will make an appearance in “Justice League” this November.

‘The Batman’

It's been announced that the actor will reprise the role again admidst rumors that he may bow out of the movie. But with Casey’s new revelation, it seems that fans are getting a confirmation.

Another article on TV Overmind stated that the stand-alone superhero movie is presently encountering problems in production.

The website said that ever since the franchise was announced in 2014, it has not yet started filming at this point.

Ben Affleck was previously signed out as the film’s director, producer, and co-writer. However, the actor already gave up the role and was passed on to Matt Reeves last February. TV Overmind said that a script is being re-written, but the movie will not start shooting until next year.

Updates on Ben Affleck

Meanwhile, the actor celebrated his 45th birthday on Tuesday. According to E! Online, Ben celebrated his birthday with a family dinner in Los Angeles. He was reportedly greeted by his three children, Violent, Seraphina, and Samuel. The youngest of them is five years old.

The article said he dressed in a simple, white-colored graphic shirt, accessorized with a gray blazer and paired with light denim.

He was wearing a casual sneakers to finish off the look. It has been reported that 45 balloons were delivered to his house that day. There were no reports whether his ex-wife Jennifer Gardner joined the celebration.