Leeanne Locken was the outcast on the first season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" because she couldn't control anger. Locken freaked out at her co-stars, and she kept blaming her past and her childhood on her random outbursts. She was close with Tiffany Hendra, who was on the first season of the show, but when Tiffany decided to drop her role on the show, LeeAnne had to find another friend. When Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman got into their fight, Locken decided to be a friend to Brandi.

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken is now opening up about what it is like to be friends with Brandi when she's making up with Stephanie.

Locken reveals that she was close with Brandi, but she knew that Redmond and Stephanie were life-long friends.

Trouble on Twitter

Of course, LeeAnne Locken may already feel like the outcast, as there's no room for her in Brandi's friendship with Stephanie. It doesn't help that Hollman doesn't like LeeAnne. These days, Brandi recently launched at attack on Locken for saying things about her and Stephanie on social media. Even though they used to be friends, it sounds like Redmond may have realized that their friendship was temporary.

A few months ago when the show was filmed, LeeAnne Locken was clearly upset with the way things were playing out. She was very protective of Brandi when Stephanie tried to talk to her, and she was very aggressive.

When Redmond and Hollman decided to sit down and talk, Locken was losing control. She was becoming the outcast once again

The outcast again

It sounds like Locken is concerned about being the outcast once again, as Brandi wanted to sit down and talk to Stephanie. For some reason, Locken wanted them to talk, but she may have thought that they weren't going to make peace.

"I would not be completely transparent if I didn’t say, of course, I was afraid that Steph would convince Brandi to give up her friendship with me. That’s just logical thinking. After all, it wasn’t until Stephanie backed away that Brandi even gave me a chance," LeeAnne Locken explains in her Bravo blog about her friendship with Brandi, revealing she was indeed nervous about being left behind.

It sounds like LeeAnne knows how close Brandi and Stephanie were prior to their fight and Locken may have known that she would be out the door once the ladies made up. While Redmond seems to have forgiven LeeAnne for past drama, it is clear that Hollman isn't a favorite of LeeAnne. Even after Brandi and Stephanie had made up, Locken still chose to show up at her Halloween party dressed like Hollman. The two-faced costume offended Hollman's husband, but Stephanie didn't take it personally. She just thought that it proved who LeeAnne was.

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