In celebrating success in life, there are quite a number of ways to on how to go about it. Some would want a dinner party with family and friends to Mark the occasion. There are people who find photographs appealing because of obvious visual reasons, however, there are those who want to establish a deeper significance.

The tattoo industry is taking the world by storm

Though there are a few who aren't comfortable with the practice of tattoos, the numbers are rising according to some polls. Millenials are on top of the list, documenting their latest adventure in tattoo shops all over the world.

Of course, it's all shown on Instagram and Facebook. Why do they do this? Tattoos represent a moment in a person's life. It could be done to commemorate a special event, to establish a lifelong dream, or to simply remember a wonderful memory.

More individuals prefer getting inked. Perhaps, they find true meaning because of the permanence. It's no wonder that Anthony Bourdain likes tattoos even more than photos.

Bourdain is the host of CNN's "Parts Unknown." His experiences with food around the globe are quite popular with viewers. Time reported this week that the world-famous chef explained how tattoos let him relive the moment. The celebrity chef feels that tattoos have more impact than photos.

He's got a good number of tattoos in his body and the last one that he had was shown during an interview with Maxim. It was done in a Japanese traditional tattoo style called tebori. It's known to be done in a stick-and-poke method.

He recalls that he got his very first tattoo when he was 44 years old.

It was part of celebrating his success after the release of his book,"Kitchen Confidential."

It wasn't always an easy ride for the chef

He had his unfortunate moments too. He used to be addicted to certain substances and there was a time that he had some trouble paying his rent on time. His luck changed after "Kitchen Confidential" launched and became successful, which led to him landing a spot in the celebrity world.

After that, it's been one tattoo after another. He further explained that he stopped capturing moments using a camera a long time ago as a tattoo leaves a mark that is compelling and meaningful.

There's something special about getting inked compared to just taking a plain photo. It's a permanent mark on your body and it is enough to find meaning and importance in something that's etched on your skin.