Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain recently revealed his guilty pleasure in a recent interview. According to Esquire, he has a “disgusting and shameful” pleasure on Popeye’s macaroni and cheese.

The renowned celebrity chef and food enthusiast said that he would sneak at night with his hoodies and he said he would “get nailed.” Bourdain added in the report on Esquire how he turned to pasta bowls such as macaroni when he travels around the world.

He reportedly has been into more than 80 countries sharing his recipes and tried whiskey with the Antarctic ice as his backdrop. He also hosts various television shows, particularly on cooking, travels, and food.

The celebrity chef and food connoisseur was the former executive chef in Brasserie Les Halles restaurant where he previously served finest recipes to customers.

Spaghetti bolognese and KFC

“My crew always eat local food, especially in a destination with delicious food, but in our down moments, we fall into the spaghetti bolognese now and again, if only for the comedic value,” Bourdain revealed in the article on Esquire. He added how almost all restaurants and all hotels around the world have spaghetti bolognese on their menu. He said he always wanted to see how they are being made.

According to Travel and Leisure, he and his crew would get spaghetti bolognese on the road when they are on break in between shoots, or “when the cameras stop rolling.” Bourdain also revealed to Thrillist that he is also a fan of KFC’s version of the macaroni dish.

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“That will be your best choice for a delicious meal in a new and strange city, unless of course, there will be a Popeye's nearby,” Bourdain also said in the interview with The Boston Globe, which was cited by various media outfits.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

The restaurant behind one of his guilty food pleasures is Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. It is where his favorite, the macaroni and cheese side dish can be found.

According to the official website of the restaurant, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen started 45 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana. The food chain serves plates of chicken, seafood, sandwiches and more. They also have meals available for families and children.

It serves one of Bourdain’s guilty pleasures as one of their classic side dishes. Popeye’s serves macaroni and cheese, which it described on its official website as a Southern classic made with rich and creamy cheddar cheese sauce.