The “American Horror Story” TV series is on its seventh season and what the show did differently this time is not putting the supernatural elements that were part of the characters of the previous seasons. FX CEO described the series titled Cult as the most grounded of all the seasons. Instead Cult will focus on the real horrors of what is happening in the world.

Election night opening

On its opening episode, Cult will tackle the shocking result of the US Presidential election and will track the characters’ response to the changing political realities, according to co-creator Ryan Murphy.

He recalled that everybody was talking about the elections and the two candidates at this point last year.

Murphy revealed the Cult’s election night opening was already decided before the actual results occurred. The AHS co-creator though had to make the opening a little different since he thought that Hillary Clinton was going to “win in a landslide.”

Cult personalities

However, Murphy was quick to point out the series will not be about Trump or Clinton. Rather Cult is about the ability to gauge prevailing opinions, understand what is happening and using that knowledge to rise and form power. It is using people’s vulnerabilities about how they’re feeling afraid, Murphy added.

The AHS co-creator also told reporters he once entertained as cult personality idea Charles Manson.

He decided against it however as he could not “make the material fresh.” Instead, the idea of cult of personality will be reflected in the character of Kai Anderson, a blue-haired cult leader who will be played by series regular Evan Peters, according to Murphy

Evan Peters is not only playing a single role this season of American Horror Story but multiple ones.

Throughout the series, he is expected to play various cult personalities one of them would be Andy Warhol.

Notable character

One significant addition to the show this season will be actress Lena Dunham. Murphy revealed it through a tweet last July that Dunham will join AHS for one episode.

In his current talk with reporters, Ryan Murphy divulged that the former “Girls” star will appear in the seventh episode of AHS playing the real-life character, Valerie Solanas, the woman who shot Andy Warhol in 1968.

Murphy described the episode as about “the female rage then and in the country now.”

"American Horror Story" series will have also have among others Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, and John Carroll Lynch who appears this season to reprise his role “Twisty the Clown.” As to regular cast Jessica Lange, Murphy said she would eventually return to the franchise someday.

"American Horror Story:" Cult starts September 5 on FX.